1860 census data by county

There were no substantial state- or district-wide losses. If you feel that we have misspoken at any point, please feel free to point this out to us. Each of the U.S. Federal Censuses from 1850-1880 included a mortality schedule enumerating the individuals who had died in the year previous to the census year. Not all black or mulatto individuals are described as such – sometimes the records (or the transcripts) are silent in this respect. This database details those persons enumerated in the 1860 United States Federal Census, the Eighth Census of the United States. There were 48 white persons married during the year ending 1 Jun 1850. It took $1,969,000, approximately 4,417 enumerators and 3,189 published reports to complete the 1860 census. Coordinator. In 1860 in Bullitt County there were 595 farms including 5 farms of 500 or more acres, another 199 farms of between 100 and 500 acres, 181 of 50-99 acres, 167 of 20-49 acres, 33 of 10-19 acres, and 10 of 3-9 acres. The categories allowed Congress to determine persons residing in the United States for collection of taxes and the appropriation of seats in the House of Representatives. No new records were added. Ulster. With this update the fields that were previously missed have been keyed and added to the collection. February 28, 1854: The republican party was founded. USA.gov, The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration Milton Bradley at the age of 23 in the 1860 Census. See our search tips below for a further explanation of the descriptions found in this field. Few, if any, records reveal as many details about individuals and families as do the U.S. federal censuses. 31, 443, 321, President During 1860 Census: This database details those persons enumerated in the 1860 United States Federal Census, the Eighth Census of the United States. 33 States participated in the1860 census. During the 1850 United States Federal Census, enslaved individuals were recorded separately in what were called slave schedules. In the 1860 United States Census, Michigan was recorded as having a population of 749,113, an increase of 88.4% from the 1850 Census when the population was 397,654. Bradley retained his position as game manufacturer until his death in 1911. The first was the true value of personal property. The United States Census of 1860 was the eighth Census conducted in the United States starting June 1, 1860, and lasting five months. Hudson County (part), cities of Hudson and Hoboken 693. http://FamilySearch.org : 16 October 2020. Citing NARA microfilm publication M653. One of the longest running and popular board games in history, players in the Game of Life journey through education, careers, marriage, children, insurance, retirement and each players meets “the day of reckoning,” otherwise known as death. There were 2 academies or other schools in the county with a total of 5 teachers and 150 pupils. The 1850 census was the first to identify all members of a household by name. Henderson County TXGenWeb Project. This information was obtained from the University of Virginia Library Historical Census Browser. (All reported data is “as of” this official date chosen by the census agency), 1860 US Census Population: Additionally, the names of those listed on the population schedule are linked to actual images of the 1870 Federal Census. The 1850 census was the first to identify all members of a household by name. The Census staff did create a cartographic display including maps of southern states for Union troops. 1-86-NARA-NARA or 1-866-272-6272, How to File a FOIA Request for Archival Records. Some enumerators did, however, list the given names of enslaved people—particularly those over one hundred years of age—which are generally found in the "name of slave owners" column. William Dollarhide, The Census Book: A Genealogist's Guide to Federal Census Facts, Schedules and Indexes, Heritage Quest: Bountiful, Utah, 2000. The information given here is a summary of this entire census for Bullitt County. There were 562 farms in Bullitt County in 1850 which contained 50,144 acres of improved land and 111,734 acres of unimproved land. The museum, along with its research room, is open 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday; and from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Thursday. . A support case will be submitted to our FamilySearch team. The original records contain all three of the foregoing terms and, while the distinction between black and mulatto is generally adhered to, sometimes the terms are used interchangeably – the same man may be described as mulatto and black/negro in different records. This information was obtained from the University of Virginia Library Historical Census Browser. This is a census of the U.S. population as of 01 June 1860. Even small plots of land - whether rural or urban - growing fruit, vegetables or some food animals count if $1,000 or more of such products were raised and sold, or normally would have been sold, during the Census year. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We welcome your comments and suggestions. Page last modified: 11 Sep 2020 . There was $215,050 invested in capital for manufacturing, and an annual cost of $120,680 for raw materials. Content of this site has been gathered from many sources and transcribed records. https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Template:Population_of_Michigan_cities_and_counties_(1860_Census)&oldid=950296311, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 11 April 2020, at 09:08. Milton Bradley captured the imaginations of children and entertained families for generations as a leading manufacturer of games and toys.

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