2020 term dates

Michaelmas Term Monday 30 September 2019 – Friday 13 December 2019 January exams Monday 13 January to Friday 17 January 2020 Lent Term Monday 20 January 2020 – Friday 3 April 2020 Summer Term Monday 4 May 2020 – Friday 19 June 2020 For 12-month master's students and students in Year 2 of a 24-month master's programme, Summer Term extends until the official end date of your programme. Academic Year 2021-22 (Provisional) Fall Term 1 September – 18 December 2021 Summer Term 20 June – 13 August 2022 Winter Term 3 – 29 January 2022 Study Breaks 1 … Monday 9 November 2020 and Monday 15 February 2021. Q����8M�lL!���u #��+b�"y���7��aޖb��BNC�\�^��Ü_ю���}��UF��=�go��&�E���Y�����:�� ?(��A�! :�;�����:���H�'F�F�-�������G�O��h�8\��3_���{�=sK�{��3H,�������ʎ�r ���-�#��}�_�!��)]� �aC��[�������P0�v�*����cҙ�\�X�MU��w���w-ۦF�XMm�t�M��܉�ҷ~��j���4&j�`p� h�d[��� ��sN�dzB^�L���)�Fds ���x���/�`�TjH�(�Tq1�'�����j��W���,P��3�����A3��$m�M0�?�)�S�1� -����F���{,��P��>s��XC�2��@G �L���v���Ոp�mk�~ }�)k�Me��Y�|)x��t7��nfcR����ߠ�!Yz�JdQH+�iE�nJk�V%��X^&25������䗷�u�%���̢�'>��lb�Bg��"�ce�?�r[�M�G��[��� 2 (��8��\x�e4?��v�)v���E෧`[6�h|��-KB�;c�G�7f� ��x ��e/?���� P-�I�M��w�b�����)a5�S��ԅ��C:B����&�/f߳ħ��C�:ӽ���e������*�i$m5r��O‰�'�*�xA-��e��UU�S��i�M�nLcg��'��@#G�7G�� ��m�o1�F�ZL INSET days – Tuesday 1st & Wednesday 2nd September 2020. LSE is a private company limited by guarantee, registration number 70527. International Student Visa Advice Team (ISVAT). Autumn Term: Monday 23 September - Friday 13 December. More information on working during studies can be found on the School’s International Student Visa Advice Team (ISVAT). endstream endobj 1085 0 obj <>stream %PDF-1.6 %���� ���sz�Eo[���`��z�p���Q��n�11���pm�����}و����1GS��2ܦ���y#v$��̪�i+�ѵ�v��k08��d���t��)��C Students on full-time 12-month taught Master's programmes are required to study for a full calendar year. 1112 0 obj <>stream ?�'´���9>�(})UX8�^�ʽ�|�q���x#���)A����[3��J$w�4~a�y�h�:�����rҀ3w��'��2�YDчG�D#|�I �[="6]�#�P�������˜�5=Y_�2U�EM��$� �-�ը���D��ȶ*h�3�?���o�=`�ɵ>�f h�]H��q}�B�B�>�-�;nO���G)t�d(����H>M;�w�_^�Il^�z�|�� i8ȇ�B-��-�������*�I�N�DH�����F�"}�.0f�/*����+&By1�b, Students on full-time two year Taught Masters programmes should ask their Departments when they are expected to study outside the normal stated term dates. All Bank Holidays, and the College closure dates based on them, are the standard dates and may be subject to change by government. Term dates. What are the school term dates for 2020? h�bbd``b`z$o��} �2 ��$83�[$�` $8,�\��O �H����Xˁ�‡L�,'�,Fr����|0 c>N Monday 28 September 2020 to Friday 18 December 2020, Monday 11 January 2021 to Friday 26 March 2021, Monday 26 April 2021 to Friday 11 June 2021. _���m�d�j�����o����$�G��Ce6����؎@_�e���T�����>��p���e��s?�����X����>Pk�3{�{;�P{� ��g��5���Yr���S�������eoGC�vkC��"4�m�]S This means that students are expected to study beyond the end of the Summer term to prepare their dissertations in time for September submission. ��T��Ӵ#��A���4zw�i��gZu�QaW���]n����c���Ԭ����|ORJr�$n�v�����1:Is����g�R�kh_Vv&�mq��4�g�� �4g��2�9���W��ۉ�}���G��t`���_��%�>���R�ϋ=�#�D�v. For 12-month master's students and students in Year 2 of a 24-month master's programme, Summer Term extends until the official end date of your programme. Key dates > 2020 Revised administrative dates ; 2020 Revised administrative dates . Monday 19 April 2021 to Friday before the start of the next academic year.

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