Bisma meaning in Urdu

Some addicts say that no matter how much cocaine they use, they can't replicate the euphoria from their very first dose. In the early stages of addiction, users typically report relatively slight physical sensations, As the boa constrictor tightens its grip our feelings of, The photo finish, the seemingly endless pause and then the, Sharing the terror of a close call and then the, Patients with delirium may display a wide range of emotions, including anxiety, sadness or tearfulness, and, Rather football followers should delight in the, In fact, they describe him as an extremely driven character prone to mood swings and temper tantrums as much as, There are the thrill-seekers, who find they get a rush of, We are supposed to get a scalp-tingling rush of, But here we are, six days shy of the opening match, and anguish has given way to anticipation, fears to the prospect of, The extended takes during the robberies allow us to live with the characters for a few minutes, see into their tension, precision, and, But when the celebrations die down, and when the, Although the press airbrushed the problem out of the picture during the economic. Vicodin is an opiod drug (also known as a narcotic) that dulls pain and gives a feeling of euphoria when used. It's agony and euphoria over and over ." Our initial euphoria of foiling his ambitions was soon displaced as with passing time reality set in. , People who claim to have experienced an out of body experience usually describe an overwhelming sense of peace and euphoria. They can produce a feeling of euphoria or "high.". We were rolling in euphoria when an old friend from my Amherst, Massachusetts childhood telephoned with an invitation to visit her family cabin in New Hampshire. Steroid psychosis can cause anxiety, agitation, Music can impart in us a feeling of melancholy and sorrow, rapture and, Just as champagne gives you an instant lift so chocolate, as it melts in the mouth, creates a feeling of, Perhaps we were still a bit dehydrated but nothing could take away the feeling of, She wants to become an actress and attends auditions in a state of nervous, It was in moments like these that he felt his full age and more, the, The last issue is always a celebratory spoof, done in the spirit of end-of-year, Even thinking about seeing it brings a feeling of, And so any result achieved against the Glasgow clubs continues to be treated with, It's been a long time since a politician offered such, Mood may be labile, shifting from depression to, Drinking a couple of glasses creates a feeling of, Gazing at the floor with glossy eyes, the thunderous chant of his name still ringing in his ears, he fumbles for words to describe his, No doubt those who champion civil rights felt flushed with a warm sense of, I was primed to sit on my couch with a finger pointing at the TV, a hand over my mouth, and a look of both horror and, When ingesting low doses of ethanol, most humans exhibit responses such as disinhibition and. Euphoria in a sentence 1 I was in a state of euphoria all day. euphoria of victory Morgan ordered an immediate frontal assault against the Spanish fortifications on the island. After the euphoria of the crystal meth high subsides, the user may begin to feel short-term effects from the drug. euphoria of the weekend, but such contrasts are the essence of sport. He'd never seen so much of nature at one glance and it produced an incredi­ble sense of euphoria. Again the same euphoria, same ecstasy, same elation. This euphoria usually lasts about eight to sixteen hours depending on the user's tolerance level to the drug. Examples of Euphoria in a sentence Once the euphoria of winning the lottery has worn off, you will be faced with the prospect of taxes and needy relatives. We'd find a group of people hopefully experiencing mild contentment, and a group of people experiencing ecstatic euphoria. , If a word could be transformed into a picture, euphoria would be a kid’s face at Disneyland. For example, some seem to experience only a divine euphoria, which may translate itself into uncontrollable laughter. The excitement comes from the sense of speed and the euphoria of winning. People choose to use heroin because it gives them a high, a rush of euphoria. Well, I just want to make sure that all this, um, Flooding your brain with dopamine and serotonin, it not only heightens feelings of, The current gloom is no more realistic than late 1990s, Their match had almost been epic, but there was little time to sit back and enjoy it as the, Thus, the higher risk of relapse in depressed patients may reflect not only the self-medication of their depressive symptoms but also this enhanced, The volume of writing is enormous, these days, and much of it has a sort of windiness about it, almost as though the author were in a state of, Murphy is calling for Rugby League to put on a grand show and match the colour, atmosphere and, Instead, she threw cold water on all that Internet, The philosophers in the first century wrote of gases producing, The jones, the real smack was not the chemicals themselves, but the, He also vented his anger at their opponents for their unsporting antics during the game and yesterday he even suggested that their, In a spontaneous act of call and response, we all whoop and start clapping back, united by, If you are silly enough to see all this as expanding individual choice, remember that as the boa constrictor tightens its grip the victim feels increasing.

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