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Labs. Enraged, Savitar revealed the reason for his vendetta; that it was in fact a future version of his original self who had trapped him "in eternity" and vowed that he would rise again. Arriving at the scene, Barry found himself too late and angrily chased after the meta-human. They brought the news to Wells who told them time travel is indeed possible. Oliver and Barry proceeded to try and take the staff away from Savage only for him to overpower them with the staffs power. Frustrated with Barry's apparent fantasies, Joe explained how his claims were impossible, including the ball of lightning with the man inside; he knew Barry's father was the murderer, as did numerous others. Despite Barry's respect for Oliver, he is not above standing up to him, like when he pointed out that Oliver was being a jerk to Felicity, though he said this in a respectable way. Caitlin decides not to use Julian's cure, leaving the team to find her own purpose. but is defeated and Clive Yorkin who is trying to kill Joe but is captured. Nachdem er Solovar besiegt hatte, erkannte Barry aber, dass nicht Solovar, sondern Grodd die Menschen bedroht und Barry nur benutzt hat, um selbst Herrscher der Gorillas zu werden. So ist beispielsweise Stephen Amell in der Pilotfolge zu sehen. |- While doing so, he suddenly felt the lost piece of his armor being reactivated and homing in on him. Barry quickly took down Rathaway, who told Barry he can hear Cisco, Caitlin, and Wells through the radio waves. Dig, being confused because of the question, said that he's been to A.R.G.U.S. [1], During the first year that Joe took him in, Barry attempted to impress the former by building a robot with wheels for his science fair project, which nearly set the school gym on fire and hurt his teacher, Mrs. After being shunned by Team Flash, the time remnant became depressed and ran back in time to ultimately become Savitar. Barry reminded Joe that he always said it's good to play offense rather than defense at times but Joe told him that was for football tryouts. Barry then said that he's really glad to see him, as Diggle threw up (as he usually does when a speedster suddenly grabs him and speeds him somewhere). At S.T.A.R. Joe Wilson, Malcolm Merlyn, and Ricardo Diaz. After the heroes beat the Dominators Barry and Oliver went out for a drink talking about who would win in a fight and how the lives they live are far from normal. Barry travels to 2024 in hopes of finding out who Savitar is but is immediately attacked by Mirror Master and Top when he arrives but manages to escape. Er war in die Vergangenheit gereist, um den jungen Barry zu töten, damit Flash niemals existiert. Later, a portal opens in downtown Central City and Barry races out of it, running at five times his speed to Ivy Town, stopping in front of a car, bare naked, and then fainting. He apologized for contacting him in such way, but stated that he can't risk putting more innocent lives in danger. His legacy, the Flash Family, spans throughout history tapping into the enigmatic Speed Force to gain their powers. When iron mask attempts to tell them more Zoom returns and angrily reminds him not to speak again, then phases into Barry's cell and proceeds to brutally beat him in a fit of rage. Barrys Aussage wurde damals kein Glauben geschenkt und er kam in die Familie von Detective Joe West als Pflegekind. The series was renewed for a fourth season on January 8, 2017.[1]. The fight also somehow caused the sky to turn a deep crimson color. Barry was asked if he could help Patty with a police report but told her he was busy. He was then attacked by Brie Larvan's bee's and went unconscious. Racing to the piece, he found himself confronted by Jesse Quick. Weitere Nebenrollen gingen an Robbie Amell, Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell und Greg Finley. Labs, Joe brought up the topic of finding a suitable prison for meta-humans. |Gorilla Warfare The team guessed about 650 miles per hour but told him he must escape the blast once he dropped her. When they returned, they found Lyla in critical condition where Barry rushed her to Starling General Hospital. [12] Later that night, Barry was comforted by his mother when he admitted he was afraid of the dark. Barry went on and created speed mirages but Dr. Light sent a blast of light around her, knocking Barry away. Kara then came up with an idea to get them in. In der Spielfilmserie Flash – Der Rote Blitz war Jesse (gespielt von Mark Hamill) in der Episode „Die Schöne und der Zauberer“ ein Psychopath mit zahlreichen Persönlichkeiten, der der Polizistin Megan Lockhard, die er selbst für seinen Sidekick "Prank" hielt, nachstellt. Barry immediately went on Central City to join the final battle alongside Sara, Wild Dog, the Dreamer, Spartan, Martian Manhunter, Superman, Batwoman, Alex and Kara, to stop the resurfaced Anti-Monitor from destroying everything once more.[76]. Barry was initially upset over the loss of his job; luckily, as Iris mentioned, this gave him more time as the Flash to stop DeVoe and truly prove his innocence. [8] At some point after this he retired from being the Flash and pushed his friends and family away. A frustrated Jay told them once more they can't trust Wells as he has as many secrets as the one they knew. Joe told him to consult with the crew at S.T.A.R labs. Looking into Savitar's maddened eyes, Joe attempted to reason with Savitar by apologizing for disregarding him in the future, referring to him as Barry. As her body began to detonate the others told Barry to get her remains out of the city. Axel Walker) und Weather Wizard (alias Mark Mardon) die Mitglieder. Barry chased after the man, who unveiled his hood and Barry was shocked seeing the face of Harrison Wells.[10]. Hermes. Believing him to be too strong, Barry didn't think he could beat Clyde. Upon seeing this Barry realized that Tina's words about Wells being a different person were true as the "Wells" they knew was an impostor. Barry was born on March 14, 1989, to Henry and Nora Allen as an only child. was the one killed instead of Iris, but in doing so, Savitar does as well. Barry continues to try to create a more friendly relationship with Julian Albert, however, in return Julian only gives Barry the cold shoulder. When Barry and Caitlin search for the thermite with a magnet, Cisco told them to stop as the magnet cut set off the thermite. Killer Frost pressed Savitar about his motivations for killing Iris, to which Savitar reiterated that Iris had to die otherwise he would never exist. Joe came to him and asked Barry why he didn't tell him Iris saw him the other night. When she asked what he based that on, he revealed his identity. Labs, where they managed to ID the man as Casey Donahue. Barry and Oliver talked about their hallucinations and acknowledged each other's burdens with Barry encouraging Ollie not to wait to talk things out with Felicity. [1], At S.T.A.R. The Flash Wiki ist eine FANDOM-TV-Community. Grodd verständigt sich in dieser Version ausschließlich durch Telepathie oder indem er mit seinen Fähigkeiten den Körper von Menschen übernimmt, um mit deren Stimme zu sprechen. As an alternative, Barry traveled to Earth-3 to seek the help of Jay Garrick, who, with his wife Joan Williams, was able to connect Barry to a device which allowed him to witness billions of future timelines. Siren-X used her sonic scream to knock out both Barry and Leonard and even DeVoe. Eventually Cisco got around DeVoe' hack and the team found out that the metahuman DeVoe is after is Fallout. Die Ausstrahlung der Serie begann am 7.

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