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Masters Fantasy Football Leagues hosts money leagues ranging from $30 Tin leagues all the way up to $2,665 Titanium leagues. how to set payout amounts for each award category, Fantasy Football League Champion Monster Trophy. Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues help reward the best fantasy owners with the highest cash payouts and prizes. The payout structure has two parts: The categories that will be awarded and the payout amount for each category. Longest Win Streak – Largest number of consecutive wins gets this prize. Using fractional points will reduce the chance of two teams tying for this category in any week so enable that option if you’re not already using it. Enhancing means we are giving extra money to the first-place finisher at no cost to the players. First, Second & Third Place (Post Season) – This is the most common basic payout category in fantasy football. Avoid that headache by sticking to objective categories that are easy to quantify based on win-loss records, point totals and playoff standings. They get in on best record regardless of points. Public, Private & Auction Fantasy Football Leagues, Live Online Drafts. Note that the winner of this prize isn’t always the one with the best regular season record. If you already sent the invites, then make sure the payout structure is finished well before the draft. Learn how your comment data is processed. Consider what parts of the game you want to incentivize. So a good payout structure is one that works for you and your league. Keep it simple, experiment, and have fun with it. Remember you can change it up next season. Prizes go to the top 3 finishers after playoffs and the league championship have been played. A certificate, trophy, or other bragging rights item will work for that. 1. JOIN A FANTASY FOOTBALL PRIZE LEAGUE FOR A CHANCE TO WIN UP TO $5,000 IN A 12-TEAM LEAGUE ... Prize leagues winners will receive their payout via the CBSSPORTS.COM WALLET after confirming your contact details and providing all of the info required to redeem your cash prize. Do you want a way to motivate teams that are out of playoff contention to keep fighting? Awards go to each division’s winner based on standings. If you’re a first time commissioner, don’t go too crazy out of the gate with a lot of categories. Your email address will not be published. Now let’s explore payout options so you can decide what combination of categories to use for your league. Highest Weekly Score of the Season – Similar to the weekly high score above but awarded once to the highest game score of the regular season. Top payouts, Cash Prizes, FREE Mock Drafts. You should finalize the payout structure before the official league invites go out because it could affect a player’s draft and game strategy, maybe even their decision to join the league or not. Most Regular Season Points – This option rewards the player with the highest scoring team during the regular season. One of the important things a fantasy commissioner gets to do when setting up a fantasy football league is building the prize payout structure. Apex often enhances leagues shortly before the draft if we need extra players. In this post, we’ll review the payout category options and how to select the right ones for your league. You might find that you’ll want to drop a payout category to simplify things. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Nearly every league that I’ve seen uses these and most players are familiar with them. As fantasy owners ourselves, we know how grueling a fantasy season can be and therefore, take pride in rewarding owners who earned the top prize. Regular Season Standings – Similar to the post season standings above, but based on the regular season. (They should do that anyway, but that’s another topic). How to assign payout amounts to each category is covered in the next post. You can always add it back next season if you want. Too many categories will dilute the prize pool. Image Credit: Ron Reiring used under Creative Commons. Payout categories can be any combination of the regular season options discussed above. According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, roughly 10% of the U.S. population participated in fantasy leagues in 2012. This category usually only applies to regular season games and is paid out at the end of the season along with any other prizes. Including playoff games gives last year’s champion a significant advantage on the streak. Stay away from subjective award categories like Best Trash Talk or Best Trade Negotiator because they’re based on opinions and can cause arguments. If this is a keeper league or one with a stable group of players each year, consider allowing this season’s streak to include the streak from the end of last season. In a 14-team league, 6 teams make the playoffs. No Post Season – A radical approach where all 16 or 17 weeks are the regular season with no playoffs or championship game. The league champion takes home all the money. Division or Conference Winners – This is for leagues that are grouped into divisions. Usually awarded to the first place finisher only. You can expand to also include 2nd and 3rd places. Talk to your league members, consult your Magic 8-Ball, or brainstorm your own categories. There are two division winners. There’s a limited prize pool to pay out so don’t go overboard with the number of prize categories. If you really want to award a prize for something subjective like Best Trash Talk, then make it a fun, non-cash prize. Prizes go to the top 3 finishers after playoffs and the league championship have been played. You want to keep it interesting and rewarding for the winners. No one can argue with those. Today, millions of people play fantasy football for money. I know it’s tempting. 2. What other fantasy prize categories have you used? Cropped from original. Here are some guidelines to help your decision making…. The ultimate fantasy football contest. That’s cool as long as you haven’t officially published them to the league yet. You can expand this to include the 2nd and 3rd most regular season points also. Highest Weekly Points – The team with the highest score each week gets a prize. Their Titanium leagues are some of the best, paid fantasy football leagues if you’re looking for both significant payouts and limited owners . It’s probably how your father and grandfather won money playing fantasy football. Here are some less common payout option ideas that can make your league more interesting. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Our next post covers how to set payout amounts for each award category you chose. Teams can win this multiple weeks during the season. Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues has some of the highest payouts online. Winner Takes All – A simple ultra competitive payout structure. Including playoff games in the streak can reduce the chance of multiple teams winning this one. Specify whether this is only for regular season games or if playoff game blowouts are also eligible. Don’t change the payout structure after the season has started. Live Online Drafts. Do you want to only reward the dominant teams? Biggest Blowout – Award goes to the team that had the largest point spread over their opponent in a head to head game during the season. Your email address will not be published. Keep it simple and easy. It’s up to you. Even so, there’s no law that says you have to use them. My main league is similar to Kevin Austin's on payout, but the playoffs are also balanced between record and points. Required fields are marked *. Home of the best 12 team head-to-head fantasy football redraft & dynasty money leagues on the net. Will regular season performance be rewarded? Now that you have a playbook full of potential payout options, you’re ready to decide which ones are good for your league. Online Fantasy Football Leagues For Money. That would be a major commissioner mistake that could cause friction in the league. 3. It’s probably how your father and grandfather won money playing fantasy football. Can’t get any simpler than that. Many fantasy football leagues use one or more of these. First, Second & Third Place (Post Season) – This is the most common basic payout category in fantasy football. This is a good category to have because it’s fun and it gives teams that won’t make playoffs an extra incentive to keep playing hard near the end of the regular season. Masters has some of the LARGEST fantasy football payouts! Top Payouts, Cash Prizes, FREE Mock Drafts. The NFL playoff challenge league I play in uses this payout structure. Feel free to tweak any of the ones presented here to meet your league’s needs. Fantasy Football Money Leagues. Part of the fun of fantasy football is setting up your league and team the way you want. It could be a basic first through third place winners only to full on participation trophy mode where everyone gets a prize. But When a group of middle-aged men started the fantasy sports over 30 years ago in a Manhattan hotel, they never thought this was going to become a multi-billion dollar industry..

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