foundations of power transition theory

Thus, power transition theory's war hypothesis is that wars among great powers are most likely when a power transition occurs between the dominant state and the dissatisfied challenger.Such a war can be termed a "hegemonic war". [Organski 1980, 19] There are further nuances to the theory: for instance, the sources of power transition vary in their volatility, population change being the least volatile and political capacity (defined as the ability of the government to control resources internal to the country) the most volatile.Employing the metaphor of a pyramid, Organski illustrates how there are many weak but few strong states. Results tagged: Conversion of catastrophe. The very strongest of states is called the "dominant power". The theory predicts the probability of war and the firmness of alliances. However, as Spain and the Netherlands (which was experiencing the Dutch Golden Age) rose in power, a series of struggles led to the mass destruction of Portugal's power and a transition to Dutch hegemony. Power transition theory is consistent with the existence of a `Long Peace' since World War II, with the Cold War's peaceful end, and thus provides confidence to those who would use it to interpret the prospects for the future. According to Rapkin and Thompson (2003), this is the dangerous zone of power transition. The war on the other hand, no matter its outcome it will ensures an instantly recognizable chain of command of prestige in line with the new international system of power distribution. Martin's Press|location=New York] cite book|last=Tammen|first=Ronald L.|title=Power Transitions: Strategies for the 21st Century|year=2000|publisher=Seven Bridges Press] Created by A.F.K. +1 (888) 305-4588. The objective of the theory is to investigate the cyclic condition of wars, and how transition of power in terms of machtpolitik affect the occurrence of these wars. In the early 1950s, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) pressured psychologists to replace existing Western approaches with Pavlov's Soviet-sanctioned psychological theory. # a "dominant" state, the one with the largest proportion of power resources (population, productivity, and political capacity meaning coherence and stability). Eugene R. Wittkopf explores past wars and their relation to Power Transition theory in his book "World Politics: Trend and Transformation". The argument accompanying the power pyramid implies that only the dissatisfied state is roughly equal in power to the dominant state should it perceive that it has the willingness for war. Prior to attaining parity, the rising, dissatisfied great power has little incentive to attack a dominant power that is still viewed as too powerful. After the second World War, a drastic increase in seapower concentration by the United States was experienced and it (along with the Soviet Union) became the world's first superpowers.In general, hegemonic periods last approximately 60 to 90 years and conflicts which result in a period stabilization of power distribution last approximately 20 years.

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