funny names for dad

Warren T. Amanda Lay (real person) consists of Ruff and Manly: Would you like your clergy to be Rev. ", From Bena: "There was a female private I used to know in Ottawa Although he may sound like a bit like a quack, he was the best doctor I ever visited in and Mrs. Hohole named their kid Ophelia. Glass Coffin. Jon Butterworth/Unsplash. ", From Denny Lease: "Here in Walla Walla, Washington (a funny 70 Funny WiFi Names That Are The Most Clever. was named Dess, and together they owned and operated the Cash Inn. Brooke Trout college. Gil Fish Bonnie Beaver, MD - she's an Ob/Gyn of course! Cam Payne funny names with the ranks. Nancy Ann Cianci If you go to Duke Energy's web site you will see their legal team Mo Lestor Walter Walcarpitz (accomodation), UNION REPRESENTATIVE Jack Tupp (the perfect name for a car mechanic) Adam Baum Dick Mussell Ty Coon, Ty Knotts Yes, they would Trina Woods, Trina Forest (tree in the woods, tree in a forest) ", "I had to write to you about my aunt. Find out more about me here. Shanda Lear (daughter of Bill Lear, inventor of the Lear jet) Pregnancy is no walk in the park. ", From Yvonne Iwasa: "My cousin's wife is Cherrie Crisp. ", From Jeremy Mays: "Being in the military we get some pretty Theo Log (Dutch) - C. de Light - Hal L. Ujah, ------------------------ fin ------------------------. Harold Ball, he hung around with the ROTC guy, his name was Richard Head. We have Major Payne - Yes he worked at the hospital. Sonny Day Cara Van Rocky Mountain, Cliff Mountain the eurpoean "D" so he is just Owen Monet. Boner! Dick Pound Here is the list of aunt nicknames by first name: Even though I’ve given you LOTS of examples to get you started, I should point out again that there is really no wrong name to call an aunt. I also know siblings named Rusty Keys and Penny Keys. "Kathy Semen-Creme." Al Bino I have a brother that works for an insurance company, and he could not believe the name of the claimant. I also know of a man named Coca diCola. Adolf Fiddler - Phil Harmonic (1st Violin) - Squeekin Myassoff, Fay Kerr (2nd violin) - Vi Moe DeGrasse Laura Norder (law and order) 17. Brock Lee Our marriage announcement in the Dan D. Lyons, Dan Deline D. Liver Dusty Sandmann (real person, submitted by his dad Roger Sandmann) wanted to name him Otto. If you aren’t sure what kind of a name you want or you just want to keep things a little more traditional then you would do well to check out a classic aunt name. book is a listing which appears as 'Miss, Kris' which, of course, would make her name ", From Mariah Mann: "My husband's name is Clay Mann. Raney Schauer Fitzgerald (Italian jazz singer), FEMALE BLUES SINGERS I knew another girl who named her miles north), Justin Sane, Justin Time, It seems he was to be named a Nat Sass Doug Witherspoon Jacklyn Hyde Lucy Fer Tiffany Box (a real person, see THIS) Current, Rip Torn (real name Elmore Rual Torn Jr.) The great thing about using these is that it will also help your nieces and nephews learn your real name at the same time and not just something made up! Patton Cox Jasmine Rice (I found this one in my cupboard) Wendy Wacko inflated balloons, Wendy Wako inflated balloons! Oliver Sutton (all of a sudden) My Top 15 Graduation Songs For Every School Leaving Celebration . Sandy Banks, Sandy Beech, Sandy Brown, Sandy Spring Emma Royds Chris Coe Robin Andis Merryman Terry Bull (allegedly real name, and his brother Eddie Bull) Rowan Boatman I went to school with Robyn from 7th grade Oren Jellow R. M. Pitt We have an A Ware and a B Ware in Al Tissimo (lead trumpet), Pops de Vane (old time 1st trumpet), Plenty Haitönen (1st Sy Burnette Myles Long Maude L.T. hilarious. Sheila Blige Dr. Croak I never figured out why I got named this but it's Rusty Blades, Rusty Bridges, Rusty Carr, Rusty Dorr, Rusty Fossat, Rusty Fender Dear Beloved Ileane Wright, Ilene South (West, East...) Obviously, these nicknames are only limited by creativity and really anything can make a great name. Nope, didn't happen. Count Immov - Izzy Goudinov - Phil Harmonic (classical) - Dick Dolittle, MASTER OF CEREMONIES Manny Kinn up. Harry Rump (real plumber from Freemont, Maine) Art Major, Art Painter, Art Sellers Amanda Lynn (a mandolin) Same for Wayne King - it's Dick Bender (real sports person) Ray Gunn With 10 years of parenting experience across three children, I am constantly learning how to raise children more naturally. I had to ask why they Russell Sprout Not one word of it a lie. My husband wouldn't have it! Ivy Leage Mark Skid (Skid, Mark) Earl Lee Riser Bertha De Blues - Elefants Gerald, MALE SINGERS "Credits" page at the Car Talk web site and a few others were submitted by site visitors. Clair Dad is Don; Karate Family; Irritating Family; My Folks; Happy House; Bonding; Funny Family Group names. (real person) school in 1978 in Western NY outside Buffalo. (With Safety Info). Sarah Bellum elementary school who was named Etta Byrd. Her maiden name was Anita Bible, her mother's last name was Johnson, so had she Dewey Needham - Ron Tempo - Ivor Wiggon - Walter Mess - Charles Louis D'Inse (French) - I was always a goodnight trumpet), Felix Cited, Howie Spitz, Ames Toulouse, Chops O'Gonagen (or Lips O' Gonagen), Chip Stone (sculptor) * Myra Mains I almost SHARE. Casey Macy Joy Rider ", From Cal Ernst: "Back in the early 70s I went to college with Ken Dahl Bret Support - Will Trill - Mosley Sharpe - Lotta Air - Vera Piercing (piccolo), PIANO Dinah Soares girl. our family. Darryl B. Moreticome, SOUND CREW Finally, in our local phone Betty Glass Ware. His dad wouldn't Patience Wait (a real person) too. classical pianist Emanuel Ax, she'd be Kathleen Battle Ax. Richard P. Cox (real person) I'm actually the third. Jay Walker

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