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GL: To tell you the truth he just seemed mad about everything, it started not to be fun being in a band together. It wasn't planned at all.”, My favorite songs on the album are “Fever”, “Unfinished Business” and this instrumental jam. When it’s in you it has to come out. Are there many clubs left, where you can play live? Greg Leon Invasion is a Melodic Hard Rock band that performs all over the world. GL: On bass was Chuck Stevens and on drums was Carl Elizondo. Even though they had a record deal on the table I didn’t believe in the music enough to sign on with them. I was with the Rhoads family and his ex- girlfriend Jody for the twenty-five year memorial at Randy’s grave site. Greg Leon: “Yes, that’s right. I've done it since I was seven years old. He got real shitty on the phone with me, I told Ron that he should be talking to my lawyer and not me. I loved Randy, everybody did. I recorded and produced it at John Thomas Studios in North Hollywood. They sit home on their computers and don’t leave the house, not what we did as kids. Greg Leon: “Paul Shortino is a great talent. Once in a while I'll do a HENDRIX song, like "Manic Depression","I Don’t Live Today" or " Voodoo Chile" or his version of the old CHUCK BERRY hit "Johnny B. Goode". This band exists since 1981. Who was in this first line up? Sold by Services LLC. It just drives them nuts and won’t let them move on with their lives or music, poor me, why didn’t it happen for me? GL: Yes, originally I had Gary Holland in the band. We have never played a live show. He was and is a good guy and an incredible drummer. They have a beautiful little girl and are very happy.”, Was WISHING WELL, Marc Droubay’s (later in SURVIVOR) solo band, so to speak? I remember Tommy showing up at all of my Suite 19 gigs and begging me to kick out Gary and let him play in the band and one day I called him and said I was having problems with my drummer and did he still want to get together and make some noise. Greg Leon: “I don’t remember which bands we played with back then.”, You also played in DOKKEN, before Don met George Lynch, who came from XCITER. I also play music because that’s what I do, not because I wanted to be a rock star. Good for Don! Greg Leon: “I joined Dokken about one year after replacing Randy. There is a lot more, we’ll save it for another interview if that’s OK. SR: How much of an influence did you have on the Dokken sound, or vice versa? I was able to get us a backer and he bought us whatever equipment we wanted, our own 24 hour rehearsal studio, he gave us money every Friday, took us out for sushi almost every night and paid for all recording cost. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in. That’s all I really want to answer about this question. He replaced Randy Rhoads, when he left to join OZZY OSBOURNE, and he worked together with Delores Rhoads. I think that people are really going to love this record!”, And I found out that you recently cooperated on the documentary or film, that is made 25 years after Randy Rhoads death? We decided it should be on that record as a hidden track. Greg Leon: “The first band I had where I played guitar everybody just called it THE GREG LEON BAND. We did record some demos, but I have no idea what happened to them. What was the music scene in L.A. like when you first appeared in the late 70s? Most of the bands I’ve seen lately have been high school age kids that should be at home practicing, and the club bookers don’t even care what these bands sound like. Our bands just did the huge Rocklahoma festival together and it was great hanging with him again.”, You played on the “Back In The Streets” album, which is mentioned a bootleg album by Don on his website. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Things were going great………so I thought.

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