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First, let me say that I have no problem with the helmet. My favorites are the two black jersey and white pants combos with the colored socks - again assuming the Falcons go with white cleats. With the darker burgandy of my Dad's and grandfathers younger years. Go ahead, I dare you to find something wrong with these uniforms. I wonder of the Chargers field-tested the navy uniform with the numbers hollowed-out, as well. So we continued our assumption that these yellow jerseys were simply for practice purposes. You might notice NBC televised this game, yet CBS had the rights to the regular season. Why was that? I believe that these blue and bone jersey combos must be evaluated together as one group.
Well, this was the first time that regular season telecast rights were awarded to one network for the whole league. Here is an example. However, as 'the art talent' here at GUD, let me tell you...there are two things I can't stand - sublimation patterns and gradients. The gradient numbers look unusually out of place when worn with the yellow pants. The fold-over-the-back-of-the-collar logo tags are gimmicky.
I believe that these blue and bone jersey combos must be evaluated together as one group. Allen's "Over The Hill" gang wore to Super Bowl VII against the Cardinals? but to be worn as part of a normal rotation with these new uniforms, they need the white stripe. 10 years? The gradient numbers look unusually out of place when worn with the yellow pants. What about red pants? featured five stripes, they were not contiguous as on the white jersey. On November 18, 1962, in the middle of their season for a home game against the Washington Redskins, the Steelers added a large round logo to the right side of their helmets and it looked like this... An additional little nugget of information was dropped by our friend Leo. For a listing of the mirror-images please check out, This site is dedicated to Craig Wheeler, whose website, the portion of “About Our Template” that relates to pants stripes. Cleveland replicated this pattern on their uniforms in 1969.}. The 1967 Packers (green) defeated the 1992 Bills (blue) by a runaway 108 votes to 17 (86%). Simple theme. © 2011 -  Tim Brulia, Bill Schaefer, Rob Holecko,Austin Snelick, John Nelson. I'm taking bets.

The "Steelers" word mark continued to be in thin lettering. That said, either one had to be brutal to play in--or sit through.The 1962 game was historic in one sense: it was the first NFL contest filmed by Ed Sabol. Probably made the numbers too difficult to read though. The yellow, orange, and blue colors you see here each have a significance with the steel industry. But at the same time I still agree with those that say its too much red in a blue-oriented jersey. The explanation is completely 'Occam's Razor.' NOTE: For the most part all uniforms incorporated side stripes that were identical. I hope we get them frequently this year.

This would better rationalize Portsmouth's use of the striped jerseys in the 1931 rain/mud game in New York.

That one would have looked better had it been a yellow tag. I guess we'll have to wait. Today we bring you another installment of the, © 2011-2016 Tim Brulia, Bill Schaefer and Rob Holecko. I hope we get them frequently this year. Tomorrow we will look back at the original December 31, 1967 Ice Bowl between the Cowboys and Packers. After much trial and error, I was even able to create a 'glitter' effect for teams that used helmet paint with all of those little, tiny sparkles in them that, well, 'sparkle' when the light hits just right. However there are several instances in which the stripes have been mirror-images of each other or flat-out different. Historically relevant, the same resource outlines that, as a non-League team in 1929, the Spartans had worn blue and white uniforms in 1929 before switching to purple for the 1930 season. I know these are essentially their Color Rush pants from past seasons. Welcome to the original Green Bay Packers Uniform Database. The blue jerseys have the Ram horns. The striped jerseys aren't yellow. 1922 Green Bay Packers 1921 Green Bay Packers DISCLAIMER: All team and league information, sports logos, sports uniforms, and jerseys contained within this site are the intellectual properties of their respective leagues, teams, ownership groups and/or organizations, and were obtained from sources in the public domain. Over the years, many fans have been bothered by the fact that the Rams' helmets always had a navy shell that clashed with the royal of the their usual uniforms. Now the Vikings' 'stubby horn' can be added to this infamous list of inadequacy. The lack of orange pants was an oversight. Were they college jerseys retained by players from their alma mater? before Lombardi's yellow "R" helmet posthumously appeared in 1970. Possibly. The team admitted the error, and stated that they'd find a way to get the orange pants. For the 10 years that GUD has been operational (Really? After reading Leo's information and doing a quick bit of research, I've been able to lay down some parameters and make the required alterations. Now, instead of being 'freakishly large,' now they have a logo that's just 'big.' These striped jerseys were, in fact, the same lighter shade of purple as the 1930 jerseys. Powered by. Three weeks ago, I was tinkering with MS PAINT (GUD's graphics program of choice) and I figured out a way to create a metallic effect for helmets so that they didn't look like they were just grey or light brown. The all-black in the center is passable but my favorite is in the middle of the bottom row - black jersey, red pants, black socks and cleats. As the graphics artist for the GUD, I usually have to look at uniform reveals through a different eye. When is a logo not a logo? All available resources stated it as being so. The Browns love their brown pants apparently, but does everyone out there remember what Deadpool said about the brown pants? He appeared to be wearing the same 1930 jersey as shown in the Presnell photo and the photo from the 1930 Portsmouth/Green Bay game.

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