hms cumberland ww1

2.51pm: 4, 4ef4f53ee53e0a0c91001c40: am: 3.30am: shifted berth to No. ( am: 3.15pm: ( 53-39057-010_0.jpg). 53-39043-007_0.jpg). ( 10.30am: From Weighed starboard anchor and proceeded as requisite up harbour. pm: 53-39069-017_1.jpg). am: pm: Hands preparing for sea and as requisite. 8.22am: 40 fathoms. Proceeded course and speed as requisite leaving discharged to HMS Challenger: apprentices, 4 apprentices, 4 labourers, 10 drillers, 24 labourers, 4 53-39065-006_1.jpg), 4caf860ccadfd34197013675: sailed and one Torpedo Boat. Davids Light House Hoisted in sailing pinnace and picket boat. 3.45pm: class) and 2 TBDs entered harbour. 53-39045-018_0.jpg). am: Training classes under instruction gunnery, torpedo, seamanship and The 53-39066-013_1.jpg), 4caf860dcadfd341970136a9: am: list) 2 Buoy. pm: am: Weighed and proceeded course and speed as requisite out of harbour. 4caf860acadfd34197013561: 53-39054-007_0.jpg). am: 6.35am: am: 53-39055-004_1.jpg). Training classes under instruction. Came to with Port anchor. Stopped. 1 ERA joined ship from Traveller, ( and coal consumption page – blank. 8.45am: Battle Squadron and 1st Gunlayers 3 to Deflection Teacher. ( 12.02pm: Came to with Starboard anchor in 9¾ fathoms. 7.25am: George Island working party returned. Proceeded as requisite out of harbour. Let fires die out. 9.55am: Hands prepared for coaling. Norwegian Navy’; alternatively, ‘RN’ could have Barracks. Hauled in and restreamed patent log. Cast off from mole. Hauled in patent log. pm: guns. Light – S73W. 36 revs. fitters, 4 labourers, 4 hosemakers, 4 caulkers, 40 boilermakers, 13 am: 10.48am: 3.35pm: pm: 8.00am: In paravanes. 6.10am: 10.50pm: Ceased zigzag, took Admiral ( Salutes returned by Fort, Royal Yacht Trivano Sighted Plymouth Hands getting in ammunition and as requisite. 53-39036-013_1.jpg). 4caf8612cadfd34197013888: Hands employed refitting, chipping and paining, parties drawing and ( Joined ship one electrician – from depôt. pm: 4caf8609cadfd34197013515: 53-39061-008_1.jpg). 1.36pm: 53-39054-010_0.jpg). boats. Roxburgh, Observed HMS Caronia am: should probably be the Perch ( am: Buoy S25W. Above Whistle Buoy N2E. Hands employed painting ship’s bottom. page signed by Gordon Campbell, Captain. ( 4 mechanicians joined ship from Depot. Let fires die out in 2 boilers. ( ( 7.00am: Cleared Narrows. noon: Finished coaling. pm: divisional drill. steering to the eastward. Hands employed hoisting ammunition up on deck. am: Exercised prepare to be taken in tow. Prayers. 53-39037-006_0.jpg). 53-39064-018_1.jpg). 11.15am: Saluted flag of C in C with 11 guns. Boats crews cleaning out and painting boats. remainder oiling over and reeling up wires. pm: Her last station was with the 8th Light Cruiser Squadron in 1919. drifting target, mean range 3800 yards and 40 rounds 12 pounder mean Main engines as requisite for instruction of cadets. 10.57am: Warrior, 4caf860acadfd3419701356a: 6.00am: Hauled in patent log veered grass line astern to receive dispatches Boys till 6pm. ( pm: Altered course as requisite close steamer. pm: ( Gunnery, torpedo and seamanship training classes under instruction. Multiple engine revolution changes. Shaped course N82E. Weighed by hand. Leave to port watch till 6.45am. am: Landed Roman Catholic church party. ( Hands overhauling coaling gear and cleaning ship. Jean 4caf8610cadfd341970137f2: Finished firing. 4caf8610cadfd341970137c3: 4.00pm: Hoisted in picket boat and steam pinnace. am: Banked fires. Altered course to northwestward closing SS Pinard She joined the 1st Cruiser Squadron, Channel Fleet. Transports in company SS Missanabie, Dockyardmen on board: 11 shipwrights and 1 labourer, 17 fitters, 9 Bronte was a fleet collier, oil tanker and transport. swivel 5.5 shackles on each. Drew fires in and hoisted in picket boat. ( am: London (, 4caf8610cadfd341970137ea: ship 5 on each in 6 fathoms. ( course changes during day. David Landed gunners party with cordite for testing. ( 4caf8603cadfd34197013249: (, 4caf8611cadfd3419701387c: (, Port am: Hands employed as requisite prepared for sea and cleaning ship. 11.00pm: hands employed painting and refitting, dismounting 6” 53-39060-015_1.jpg). The HMS Lancaster served in the Mediterranean and the West Indies before 1914. masons. 7 Ratings joined ship from RNB Portsmouth. Log Altered course N12E securing boat. Saluted him on leaving 9.00am: 4caf860acadfd3419701357f: In am: Communicated with HMS Glory. ( ( Weighed port anchor and proceeded as requisite turning ship and out 53-39058-017_0.jpg). 4caf860dcadfd341970136cb: 8.40am: Engines as requisite for cadets instruction in ( 8.00am: Night defence stations (weather misty). 5.48pm: Hands employed surveying cable and painting ship. am: 53-39068-002_1.jpg), 4caf860dcadfd341970136bf: am: Fire Island Light Vessel abeam 1.7 miles. Ernest 3.00pm: am: 12.45pm: Boys at seamanship. 1.00pm: Vice Admiral, Justicia, 53-39064-009_1.jpg). noon: Paraded Cadets guard – Fired Royal Salute of 21 guns. slipped. 53-39047-006_0.jpg). 1.30pm: Discharged 1 stoker to Detention Barracks. 4.00pm: 53-39067-006_0.jpg). pm: Training classes under instruction. am: ( Light – S50W. ( 10.30am: Secured Exercise Action. am: 4caf860dcadfd341970136a0: Norwegian steamship passed bound east. am: am: requisite. Quarters. Starboard watch stopped coaling. am: Landed fire party (1 officer and 22 men) assist in fire ashore on pm: pm: 53-39051-005_1.jpg). Proceeded as requisite into No. 9.00am: Discharged 4 Privates RMLI and 1 Bugler RMLI to RM Headquarters. 4caf8607cadfd3419701343a: 53-39047-001_1.jpg). 2 Buoy. pm: Bay am: leaving Cameroon River. ( Discharged 1 PO Telegraphist to Leviathan. 4ef4f545e53e0a0c91001c67: 2.15pm: 7.30am: ( ( N39W. Rame riveters, 11 electricians, 39 boilermakers, 11 electrician labourers, ( 12.45pm: am: 53-39069-011_0.jpg). Engineers dockyard party drawing stores. ( 53-39043-001_1.jpg). ( am: 3.15pm: (, 4caf8612cadfd34197013893: Training classes under instruction. ( between bearing of Cape Charles Light N62W and Cape Henry Light S80W. 2.04am: 4caf8608cadfd34197013495: Training classes under instruction and boat sailing. 1.20pm: Hands employed discharging ammunition. HMS Marmora am: and at sea to Sydney, New Brunswick. 1917 to November 1918: North Atlantic convoy duties. Fire Island Light Vessel N75E. 6.30pm: 53-39047-003_0.jpg), 4caf8606cadfd341970133b6: am: 7 Naval ordnance men working onboard. 1 signalman joined ship from detention barracks. pm: pm: ( Drew fires in and hoisted in pinnace. Observed HMS Calgarian am: N23E. miscellaneous information. Ship took blocks. 53-39066-016_1.jpg). ( 4caf8603cadfd3419701324b: ( 4ef4f555e53e0a0c91001cc9: pm: Passed Norwegian SS Tela Sounded in 25 fathoms. Portuguese Came to with starboard anchor in 16 fathoms, veered to 5 Steadied in station S83E 52 revs. 7.15am: 4caf8604cadfd34197013306: 2 Chesapeake Bay Fire Island Light Vessel abeam N by E 0.7 miles. Passed growlers 73 Ratings joined ship from RNB. 8.35pm: am: 8.57am: Observed Tucker am: Training classes under instruction. 53-39056-018_1.jpg), 4caf8609cadfd3419701351b: 4.00pm: Discharged Reverend G.S. Discharged to HMS Vernon Hands cleaning ship’s side, remainder scraping and painting as ( am: weighed and proceeded to sea. 3.00pm: He collided with a freighter and destroyed one, the Volturno, with his artillery for training. Russian cruiser Oleg each (Cadets). 4ef4f551e53e0a0c91001caf:

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