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[1][2][3] She is the mother of Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft. "art of the deal". William Gates III has amassed a vast empire, being considered the wealthiest man in the world by Forbes for 13 times since 2000, and has turned his attention in recent years to health, becoming since then the world’s foremost player in this arena and even, according to some people, monopolizing global health.

In 2018 BG staged a pandemic virus simulation of a virus that could kill up to 30 million people in 6 months and a total of 33 million people if the simulation came to fruition. By the way, a lot of these companies like Starbucks and Monsanto, are also companies where the Gates family is largely invested and who are dealing with very dangerous GMOs, causing infertility and a number of health issues, facing namely public outcry and then putting whole states in court. Gates also served for many years on the boards of several major corporations: First Interstate Bank of Washington; Unigard Security Insurance Group; Pacific Northwest Bell Telephone Company, which became U.S. WEST Communications; and KIRO Incorporated. into a usable system. Nobody has seen anything like we’re doing now, within our country, since the Second World War.

William Gates III is also investing in female fertility control, with 17.9 Million USD invested in a company that is researching implantable contraceptive single-use methods that promise to control women’s fertility via wireless. of Washington. developed on the Harvard PDP-10, purchased by U.S. taxpayers so that Belonging to the white ethnicity while she possesses an American Citizenship. In 1975, Governor Daniel J. Evans appointed Gates to the board of regents for her alma mater, where she led the movement on the board to divest the University of Washington's holdings in South Africa to protest apartheid. My view is that his work will continue even after he’s gone, because the tentacles are massive, and that condemning and jailing him will not stop the incredible eugenics and mass control master plan going on.

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George Bush Senior had a number of friends who were with him since the Skull & Bones, Mossad, Carlisle, and Blackrock, a CIA arm. You can also fact-check the alleged fact-checkers, and make an internet search on “internet of bodies” to better understand what William Gates III is up to. (Epstein), **The conspiracy subreddit is a thinking ground. The implementation of a cashless society. be stuck buying new versions if only to get bug fixes. You may find it comforting to remember that at any time you can fall back on a trust fund worth many millions of 1998 dollars.

have ever figured out 1960s-style computer science but he had the foresight to Lakeside, Seattle's most exclusive prep school where tuition in 1967

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is invested in this company.

Following her death, it was disclosed that she was the target of a kidnapping attempt several years earlier. rich buddies while Paul Allen spent months in a motel room in Although Dr. Fauci keeps reminding us that we still don’t know much about the SARS-CoV-2 because it didn’t exist until a few months ago, he and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) approved that trial.

[9][10], "Mary Gates dies – cancer claims longtime Seattle civic leader and mother Of Microsoft founder Bill Gates", "Mary Gates, 64; helped her son start Microsoft". Open Market, Inc. in "User https://www.zaask.pt/scripts/widgetPro.js?user=13712, Manuel Trindade Tradução - Outros Serviços Zaask. You can just wait for a small company to come up with something good

I highly recommend James Corbett’s extensive research on this man and especially his video 4 parts documentary on Who is Bill Gates?.

**, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Bill Gates mother, Mary Maxwell Gates served as a director or on the board of several companies, including First Interstate Bank Corp, Unigard Security Insurance Group, Pacific Northwest Bell Telephone Company and KIRO TV of Seattle. Then he became Director Of Seattle Branch Federal Reserve Bank San Francisco. Vaccines for Covid19: 7 companies are being funded by William Gates III to develop vaccines for SARS-Cov-2. HistoryLink, the online encyclopedia of Washington State history. Archive now. people who copied MITS BASIC rather than buy a licensed version from [1] A street on the northeast section of campus, formerly Union Bay Place, is named for her.

Food: Cargill is the world’s largest agri-giant and a huge investor in GMOs. His grandfather, James Willard Maxwell, was also a banker, and his grandmother, Adele Thompson, a prominent Seattle civic leader. Most people who are rich chose their parents wisely. He married Adele Thompson (1903-1987) circa1927 .

As a piece of trivia, in his adolescence, William Gates III was arrested first in 1975 in Albuquerque, New Mexico for speeding and driving without a valid driver’s license, and then for an undocumented traffic violation in December 13, 1977. Planned Parenthood (From Eugenics to Population Control). Harvard could carry out government-sponsored research.

Remind your parents not to send you to public school.

Husband of Adelle Maxwell India (between 2000 and 2017 polio campaign; non-polio acute flaccid paralysis struck India, paralyzing 491,000 children, Foundation was expelled from India, PATH and HPV vaccine, 23,000 girls in 2014, 7 girls died and 1,200 had severe adverse reactions, including autoimmune and fertility disorders. This company has the absolute worst score in terms of toxic chemicals usage, and also has an appalling track record on working conditions. Father of Mary Gates Geni requires JavaScript! She was the first female president of King County's United Way, the first woman to chair the national United Way’s executive committee where she served most notably with IBM's CEO, John Opel, and the first woman on the First Interstate Bank of Washington's board of directors.[1]. He also donated almost all his shares of Microsoft to his own foundation, profiting from a tax loophole of charitable organizations to avoid paying income tax on the humongous appreciation that the Microsoft shares had had since the company started. One of Bill's great aunts on his mother's side married a Gaston Moch, son of Alphonse Moch.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. According to Moderna’s webpage, the first clinical batch, which was funded by the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness (CEPI), was completed on Feb 7 and was shipped to NIH on Feb 24, only 42 days from sequence selection. unintentionally.". Philanthrocapitalism as an image cleaning scheme is not new. managed both the business and technology, earning him... a minority Above all else, we respect everyone's opinions and ALL religious beliefs and creeds. Mary Maxwell Gates dies on June 10, 1994. The UW's Mary Gates Hall is named in her honor and houses the UW's Undergraduate Academic Affairs, the Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity, the Career Center, and the Information School. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Also, the Fauci and Bill Gates connection is highly dubious and suspect.This timeline alone is highly suspicious and warrants a thorough criminal investigation: Verdict: Bill Gates seems to be a ruthless, extremely shrewd and ambitious businessman, willing to do whatever is necessary to reach his goals of total world domination. through one of his books. But not anymore.

They are now wanting to vaccinate health care workers first and then black and coloured people, having most humans vaccinated within 18 months.

In July 2018 the John Hopkins Center for Health Security (this name sounds eerily familiar) created the, In October 2019 BG, the World Economic Forum and the same John Hopkins Center for Health Security staged the. Bain’s most famous clients, or the companies they actually manage, are the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Starbucks, Monsanto, Microsoft, Impossible Burger, Charles Schwab, Del Monte, KIPP, Halliburton, De Beers, Dell, Ford, Ryan Seacrest and a great portion of the Fortune 500 companies. And, of course, Moderna and AstraZeneca, the two leading contendors in the race for the biggest health jackpot ever are both funded by, you guessed who, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. William Gates III was born in October 28th 1955 in Seattle, USA, from William Henry Gates II and Mary (Mary Ann) Maxwell, a family of affluence and power. She served on the boards of various major corporations including the First Interstate Bank, Unigard Security Insurance Group, and Pacific Northwest Bell. Maxwell founded Seattle's National City Bank in 1906. You really could say that nobody has seen anything like we’re doing, whether it’s ventilators or testing. James Willard Maxwell, Jr. was born 27 February 1901 in Nebraska, United States to James Willard Maxwell (1864-1951) and Belle Oakley (1872-1945) and died August 1960 inUnited States of unspecified causes. Note that Bill Gates first attracted the

Bill Gates might not

to say, it didn't work.". View all posts by M@NU. … He stinks and I don't like him.

Opel, by some accounts, mentioned Mrs. Gates to other IBM executives.

can pick up a paperback copy of. If you think that getting rich by selling system crashes and core dumps Microsoft came into existence because Allen successfully [5][6] Her paternal grandfather, James Willard Maxwell (1864–1951), was president of the National City Bank in Seattle from 1911 to 1929 and a director of the Seattle branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. All William Gates III investments are managed by Bain & Company, and all mergers & acquisitions as well.

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