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Keytracker, Station Road, Rowley Regis, B65 0JY, UK, © 2020 Keytracker Ltd     Capterra is free for users because vendors pay us when they receive web traffic and sales opportunities. Key management solution that utilizes a key cabinet and value box to monitor and track keys and control user access. Your data won’t lie. Web-based solution that provides key management through authorization tracking, customized query, and reporting. No matter what lock and key system you have, InstaKey’s key tracking software can help you. Train staff to order the next Rekeying Kit each time a rekey occurs. We pride ourselves on fast order turn around, but with® you’ll be able to track just how fast. Automatically secure your servers and restrict SSH access to your team, with in-built scheduling and instant access revoking. Administrators have total control over all access options including individual and group access permissions. Company Reg Number: 3271557     Consider combining the software with one of our secure mechanical or electronic key storage options, such as our electronic key cabinets. VAT Number: 688 0380 06, PRICE PROMISE - We will never be beaten - if you think we have, then send us their quote - we will explain, beat it by 5% and include a free gift. Enables digital key access, contactless rental, remote enforcement and more. Established in 1996, we are a privately-owned business specialising in key control systems for businesses of all sizes. Key Wizard is a comprehensive key management software package developed for locksmiths and end-users to track detailed information on keys, keyholders and locations. Our key and asset tracking software is designed to track keys & assets as they are used for checking in and out of the system, even when used in various different sites. With InstaKey hardware, there is no need to rekey when you get a key back from a key holder. You may use the software as a standalone product or with any of our other Keytracker systems. Key management solution that utilizes smart fobs for tracking and managing property keys. If you’re traveling from location to location to manage things like installs or rekeys, you’ll find all the shipment tracking info you need to plan your visits, right in your orders. Universal SSH Key Manager simplifies management of millions of keys. InstaKey user-rekeyable cores can be rekeyed 9 or 12 times (depending on the type of key system). Each lock that has not been rekeyed is on step one. Clients that follow our recommended best practices rarely get past step 3 or 4. Scalable key management solution with master keying, key control, management of key database, and built-in reporting. Contact us today on +44(0)121 559 9000. Learn more about Universal SSH Key Manager, Learn more about Self-Defending Key Management Service. Each rekey increases the step by one. Privacy Policy     Easily manage orders from InstaKey right from the dashboard. Our key management and tracking software allows you to add all of your staff, key and important information into one database, therefore allowing you to track all of your key movements in detail. Take complete control of your key system information with®. to trace and manage various barcoded items. Software solution to help your business manage every key through a central database, with employee restrictions built in. Get in touch to enquire about our door key tracking software and various other key management products we have on offer. As mechanical lock and key systems continue to be the first line of defense in maintaining your security, having a comprehensive key management system is crucial to controlling and monitoring secure access. Our approach is a closed-loop process with quick wins, starting with a free risk assessment. Mechanical key systems paired with key and asset tracking software provides a comprehensive method for managing, tracking, and controlling your keys & assets. How quickly does InstaKey fulfill orders? This interactive data will drill down into when and why certain shipping methods were used. You can always figure out which keys & assets have been checked out of a storage box or cabinet and who it is that checked them out. Keeping a Rekeying Kit on-hand in a secure place will help to reduce the need to pay for emergency shipping on another Rekeying Kit. The KeySmart Pro is not a typical key finder — it’s actually a key organizer and multitool, combining the keys you use everyday with customizable accessories like scissors, a USB stick, a pair of pliers, or even a firestarter. Key control system that simplifies the process of key issuing, returning, and reissuing to your staff and key holders. Sold Secure Certification     A trend of unnecessary rekeys can be a training opportunity for staff to reduce costs in the future. Quickly browse through hundreds of Key Management tools and systems and narrow down your top choices. What keys have been made and which locks have been changed, including how often and why – allowing organizations the opportunity to improve procedures around key management and costs. View Case Study. Find and compare top Key Management software on Capterra, with our free and interactive tool. You can also choose between sector-specific modes or a standard configuration, depending on your industry. Keep track of what locations are installed with InstaKey hardware to run a cost comparison. Gain compliance with total visibility. With Key Control Software, you’ll have the peace of mind in knowing that your keys & assets can be traced at any time. Gain and retain full control of all trusted access provisioning throughout the key lifecycle. Simply type demo in all credential fields to get started! Who is logging in to manage your key system? Key Management software allows organizations to manage computerized key cabinets, control user permissions, track key issuance, movements, and return. Capterra directories list all vendors—not just those that pay us—so that you can make the best-informed purchase decision possible. With our web-based software, you can easily track key & asset movements in real-time. Cutting-edge Key Control Software from Keytracker. The program features easy to navigate non-cluttered screens and uses a format similar to Microsoft Outlook. Key Control Software (KCS) is a simple yet powerful key tracking web application designed by Keytracker Ltd. KCS software has been designed and developed with many potential uses in mind, the primary purpose being to track keys. Keep track of rekeys across locations and drill down into interactive data to see the details of each rekeying event, including why a rekey was necessary. Non-intrusive deployment, no agents to install, and no changes to existing scripts. Locations that frequently get to steps higher than 4 may have training opportunities to help keep costs down. Key Tracking Software Software That Makes Key System Management Sustainable As mechanical lock and key systems continue to be the first line of defense in maintaining your security, having a comprehensive key management system is crucial to controlling and monitoring secure access. Manage & protect encryption keys throughout the key entire lifecycle, across any hybrid cloud (any CSP) and multi-site environment. Key management solution that lets you manage and track all key details. That will save from having to order in an emergency. You can even decide what users can access when using the software. The more locks on lower steps, the more you’re saving. Filter by popular features, pricing options, number of users, and read reviews from real users and find a tool that fits your needs. Take a tour of our demo system right now. You have lots of keys and assets that are lent out of your business daily, you need a system that can handle this data super-fast. It is an advanced system with powerful features, yet it is incredibly easy to use. You may also use this key control software Modern App to track your keys, wherever they are, using custom-branded smart keyfobs. Web-based key management system that allows you to control access to your premises and track keys efficiently. Our web-based software is one of our latest key management solutions. Software That Makes Key System Management Sustainable. Key management solution that helps in monitoring keys through a smart key system & cabinets that support Lenel OnGuard integration. Who has access to the data and records of modifications that have been made – creating tighter controls and improving accuracy and accountability. Key management solution that allows you to use RFID technology for issuing and tracking your valuable keys throughout the company. Each key, specific locations and doors it accesses, and who is responsible for it – allowing for quick investigation and resolution in the event of a keyed security breach, easy change of access with employee turnover, and streamlined key audits. You’ll have visibility into who’s doing what and when. An emergency InstaKey Rekeying Kit will cost more than a standard kit. We have developed a patented cloud-based software technology that modernizes the way key systems can be managed. Simply reassign that key to another key holder and keep track of when and how often that happens with cloud-based interactive data that can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Poor key management can compromise your security, be a hassle to manage, and cost you time and money, while easy-to-use key tracking can streamline your key management. Easy, comprehensive key management is within reach so you can manage, share, integrate and audit your key data to enhance compliance and reduce costs. Why choose us for your key management software and electronic control systems? You can select who has access to the specific keys or barcoded items. Monitor your staff, keys and assets through a simple user interface, and avoid the challenges of dealing with a lot of keys & assets.

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