nicest kpop idols

He's a true musical genius of the century! He is truly someone who inspires me and helps me get through the tough stages of my life. Sarangheyo oppa.. Top Ten Battles that Most Changed History, Top 10 Moments Where Michael Jordan Took It Personally in The Last Dance Series, Countries With the Most COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Cases. His smile never fades and he laughs with such purity it hits you right in the heart. He makes a lot of people laugh and be happy when they are with him. They bash like there's no tomorrow. Furthermore, in 2020, she proved her loyalty to her manager, when she signed into a new agency called EDAM Entertainment, a newly established agency of her manager and friend for 12 years. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. And it feels right. >_< He is so cute and he is my bias and forever will be. I don't think once and blink mean and rude, I meet some once and blink they are good to me. Sandara Park, beautiful inside and out. They were degraded by knets. But it's not my job to sing it's theirs. When Twice finishes their seven year old, the focus will be on itzy. And I didn't know that the concert had been held 2 days before. I love him because of not only his talents but also his characteristic, Even though Gdragon is considered the musical genius from their group and ofc their group songs are good but it's the songs from Taeyang's solo album like eyes, nose, lips, ringa linga Wedding dress! Maybe there are immature peeps around us but do not compare us to Armys or ExoL we are in a completely different leagu and not crazy obsessive and crazy protective about your oppas and walking around with our high nose around like you and never attck you with rude comments if you guy's don't start to pick fight. I think Seungri is one of the most confident and unique idol on Kpop Seungri's is like a wave: you see it coming and you make a decision to either run away or jump into it. JungShin (CNBLUE) - 188 cm. He keeps bowing in front of everyone, both seniors and juniors. In fact, the alleged classmate also shared that even if she's someone who is not on good terms with Jisoo's friends, the female idol will still talk to her. Shortest . Even if they don't like any group they don't hate the group or don't do any hateful thing to them. According to Ahr Joon Ah who analyzed Siwon's personality through his handwriting, the male idol is enthusiastic and optimistic the same time; he also has the kind of passion and impulses, love for children, organized, acts more, instead of giving reacts-which are very accurate. Donghae has perfect features and the cutest eyes ever :D he should get more modeling offers.. Come on, just watch vixx and starlights interaction on utube and you'll know. SBS acknowledges the traditional owners of country throughout Australia. Stray kids fandom in my opinion is the best. He takes a step back whenever necessary (even more often than necessary really) to make sure everyone around him gets as much spotlight and attention as possible. She has a nice, cute and good personality. There's nothing more we could ask for! He stands at 174 cm, and has incredible dance skills and a huge stage presence. On stage he may look scary but off stage, he's just so fluffy that you can't help but be drawn to him. While I have nothing against BTS (not a fan, but I like their songs and respect their career), their fans are mostly trash. Wanna One’s Minhyun. When you think of male idols who perform hilarious female dance routines he tops the list with his energetic style. The CIX member, and also former Wanna One member, displays a very youthful image. He is the life of the group. She is best of all. His ability to put all his emotional strength into his voice is truly remarkable and he does it all with a 165 cm frame. Being the smallest at 164 cm, he truly proves that you can be a successful idol even if you’re shorer! He's a hardworker, always try to give his best and smiles even in the worst condition, like when he was sick or doesn't feeling well.Lee Jinki is such a beautiful person. But their fandom really worst than twice and BlackPink. Sometime they don't show respect another groups, I know everyone fans think their group is the best. I love EXO too! k by lol. If you want to know how beautiful and great his personality is then you can look at 'New Journey to the West 3&4 (신서유기 3&4)'. On top of that, Jonghyun is also known for being an advocate and philanthropist, being a proprietor to speak out about the LGBTQ community. Minhyuk is greatly appreciated by fans for his desire to talk with them as much as possible. I thought they were a new group who just debuted, but back then it wasn't like that! I think BlackPink is great but the fandom is not. One of the best voices in Kpop ever. They were literally making fun of someone's grandmother's death too. They don't care about small fandom. They seriously are the bullies of the k-pop fandom world. 1. Proof That Some K-Pop Idols Might Be Vampires? When you think of the perfect idol, you picture someone handsome and (probably) tall. His voice is really perfect. You get this hardworking and determined self, but knowing you still have your weaknesses that you can overcome through them. Not a lot of people realise this (maybe because of his insoles) but Jonghyun is actually on the shorter side. Not only are they toxic in social media, but in my life as well when my friends who are also Army mock me for not being a BTS fan.And another time when we were talking about who is the most handsome kpop idol, I answered another kpop idol but my friend immediately scolded me because I didn't mention Jin BTS as the most handsome kpop idol. He watched Yooguen-ah from far but still could see how much he cared. Seungri is a person who I consider my role model, and hope that everyone will see how different he is from regular people. She grew up poor, and works so hard. And I have never seen a fandom openly giving death threats to idols. And do you think yours hasnt? They always say "STAN LOONA" What if we don't like to stan them? Please grow up. Most arrogant and selfish fandom I ever see. Honestly, Reveluvs for the most part are really nice and supportive. But some of them are SO DAMN ARROGANT. My bias in EXO. It is not a secret that Hani is indeed loved by Koreans and the K-pop industry for her excellent personality. Every K-pop idol has their unique charms and personalities, which is making more fans and staffs stick to them for a long time.

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