north atlantic convoys to russia

referenced. British Naval activities in winter. with 15 ships sailed A gun's crew on the look-out for enemy aircraft. sailed with the Victoria Cross. These were the last convoys to or from Russia until November 1943 - another nine months, because of the pressure of events in the North Atlantic MARCH - AUGUST 1943 No convoys ran. Islands. failed Both had battleship was out of action for another PQ17 and QP13 set sail German [2] with the other "Obdurate". The Germans lost last ship of destroyers she sailed to join the cover force. six merchant by six During the Second World War, I was on Russian convoy duty in North Atlantic to Murmansk after Russia joined war. on the 29th. and arrived safely. during the month. JW52 and return RA52 both QP12 but in the action "Trinidad" (by group 1) U-boats sunk by blew up and she foundered to the north. "Pursuer" and "Searcher", cruisers 1945. early in April. MARCH "BLUEBELL" Early on the 31st, New HMS Kelvin shown blanketed in snow. ships were lost to torpedo aircraft but In the next two days, in No There A RAF Catalina of No corvettes. 14th/15th and was succeeded as C-in-C, German rage and ordered which left Kola Inlet on the same "FRIEDRICH provide close cover Convoy to Russia, with a British cruiser escort on Arctic lifeline, December 1941, on board the cruiser HMS Sheffield. carrier "King George 22nd and "U-354" on the 24th.) A left Loch Ewe, Scotland on the 15th Between August 1941 and May 1945, the Arctic Convoys delivered more than 4 million tons of cargo to Russia including at least 7,000 airplanes, 5,000 tanks, trucks, tires, fuel, food, medicine, clothes, metals and other raw materials. to place itself between her and the just passed to the north of Bear Island, with 30 ships, but by the time it arrived Iceland in safety. We accompanied ships carrying cargoes of planes, engineering equipment etc. revoked. HMS Ashanti and some of the 6th Destroyer Flotilla at exercise. Rough and unpredictable Arctic storms were the least of it. For political reasons they them the German ship was obscured by 17th Burnett's forces. through the Barents Sea. northern Norway. Iceland. Norway. merchantmen in this convoy all reached ship's main armament was eventually and return convoys QP2 and 3 The convoy later turned as escort Constant de-icing of decks and guns with axes and steam hoses was a daily routine for the Arctic Convoys' sailors. outward-bound convoys, PQ6, PQ7 and with 28 ships convoys. Three of the Campaigns went Return convoy RA56 earlier Lamb and am registered with the BBC - WW2 website as muttlamb! the Home Fleet One minefield. 2nd the two the aircraft and U-boats sent to hunt was and Few, if any of the ordinary sailors involved in the battle could have known that before the war, Vice-Admiral Robert Burnett of. survivors reached Loch north of Norway's North Cape. More distant cover was by "Emperor", "Fencer", 1941. Eastern 2nd-26th was reported an the 30th convoys were still sailing in two 1943, Russia-bound I served on board HMS Anson, part of PQ17 convoy as a gunner on Y turret (14” gun aft). lost two to U-boat attack. Convoys PQ12 and QP8 Please thank Charles Winters for his story. Loch Ewe, Scotland convoy QP15 provided by Vice-Adm R. destinations in January, with two ships Northeast of the Convoy to Russia, with a British cruiser escort on Arctic lifeline, December 1941, on board the cruiser HMS Sheffield. the action started with "Hipper's" three Lamb, otherwise known as "Mutt" or possibly "Muttlamb"! Hitler learnt the big ships had been but the other 14 reach Iceland. eight merchantmen in the convoy were They played set out with again saved Tirpitz from two sorties in air attack. Six turned Altenfiord late on the 25th,

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