philosophy, politics and economics university rankings

In this module we will investigate a variety of methods that attempt to address these questions, and what answers might be possible. Key ‘metaethical’ theories, such as naturalistic and non-naturalistic realism, emotivism and prescriptivism, will be outlined and explored. The Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method is consistently ranked among the top places in the world to study philosophy. You will have the opportunity to spend Year 3 on a placement with a public, private or voluntary organisation in the UK or overseas. You can find more information about this on our This module explores British politics by focusing on the role of its central figure – the Prime Minister. Typically, themes to be treated include: the meaning of words such as ‘ought’ and ‘good’; the relationship between values and facts; the Frege-Geach problem; the place of motivation in value judgments. Does Darwinism have any implications for moral questions? + Regional Studies: the study of some of the key regions of the world, and the politics of their interactions. For most programmes Part 1 requires you to study 120 credits spread over at least three modules which, depending upon your programme, will be drawn from one, two or three different academic subjects. By the end of this module, we aim to provide you with the opportunity to better understand the terminology used in economic debates and how these discussion inform and shape discussion of a range of contemporary economic issues. In the first few weeks we will consider traditional accounts of scientific method and theory-testing, and then examine philosophical challenges to the status of science as a rational form of enquiry. It also examines the conditions of peace and war, assessing the scope for conflict resolution, non-violence and reconciliation. The first year of your degree is designed to enable you to develop a firm grounding in each of the three disciplines through the core modules: Introduction to Philosophy; Politics in the Modern World, and Principles of Economics. Should we use selection techniques to minimise the incidence of genetic disorders and disabilities in future populations? The module will include among other topics: questions about justice: analytic philosophy and liberalism; visions of the state: liberalism, republicanism, socialism; liberty and individuality; liberalism and democracy; negative and positive liberty; equality; utility and rights; and toleration and multiculturalism: responses to diversity. How should we weigh quality against quantity of life?

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