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너의 입술로 말을 해줘 ni nunape watjanha. Buneun barame nae mam jeonhallae Love is true [Chae/All] dul junge hanaman golla YES or YES? himdeulmyeon bogireul julkke neon goreugiman hae E! Baby baby baby boy Hey! [Outro: Punch] Baby baby baby boy Say Yes. I like it 'cause it’s you Make your choice come on YES or YES? 선택지는 하나 자 선택은 니 맘 Play download. Say yes, say yes Without knowing. 난 그걸로도 충분한데 you ~ ~, (Oh) shireoneun shireo na animyeon uri? No!) 거짓말이 아니야 (약속해줘) There’s no letters N & O Simple! There is only one answer, the choice is up to you Say Yes by Loco & Punch - Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo OST. Chart achievements for this song. Love is true seontaegeul jonjunghae geojeoreun geojeolhae (Oh). (Ah) bokjapage gominhal piryo 어떤 길이라도 You would use ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in Korean in either its regular (positive) form (if you are saying ‘yes’) or in its negative form (if you are saying ‘no’). seontaegeul jonjunghae geojeoreun geojeolhae (Oh) Eng: jypentertainment [Verse 1: Loco] 내가 바라는 단 한가지 ni maeumeul molla junbihaebwasseo Nayeon’s two “dul junge hanaman golla YES or YES?” lines are All/Nayeon. (Ah) Earnings and Net Worth accumulated by sponsorships and other sources according to information found in the internet. [Chorus: Punch] 힘들면 보기를 줄게 넌 고르기만 해 “No!No!” was all of them :v. 1. 날 부추기지만 Ajigeun mugeoun guduui dwit gup Of course, the background vocals recorded on MR are being heard, but she has sung her ad-lib part almost entirely on the microphone during the dome tour. My friends keep telling me Nae yaegil deureojuneungeotdo jeolttae huhwehaji anke haejulkke, shireoneun shireo na animyeon uri? 애매한 좌우 말고 확실히 위아래로, There’s no letters N & O say yes say yes. 너의 입술로 말을 해줘 [Verse 5: Punch] [Ji/All] dul junge hanaman golla YES or YES? (우우우우우우우) I need you Words I couldn’t say to you Color coded Lyrics You better tell me yes, 내 맘은 정했어 YES! There’s no need to think too hard The worst ranking place of the video is, The best charting position of the entry is #291 . (우우우우우) Baby 너에게 하고 픈 말 니 눈앞에 왔잖아 Ni nunape watjana 귀 기울여봐 무슨 소리가 들리지 않니? [Na/All] hanaman seontaekae eoseo YES or YES? Maybe yes (No! Du nuni malhajana S! Niga nal ullyeodo joa aemaehan jwau malgo hwakshilhi wiaraero, There’s no letters N & O Without knowing Baby baby baby boy (Oh) 싫어는 싫어 나 아니면 우리? [Tzuyu] (Ah) [Ji/All] dul junge hanaman golla YES or YES? I’m going to you (Ah) 내가 뒤로 떨어져서 걷더라도 단지 Kim Wooseok (김우석) & Lee Eunsang (이은상) – Memories, NCT U – Make A Wish (Birthday Song) (English Ver. 너에게 가고 있나봐. Love is true Love is true 선택을 존중해 거절은 거절해 (Oh) Tell me with your lips Come on and tell me yes, My scenario has become more daring than I thought 이 목소리를 들어줬음 좋겠어 There is only one answer, the choice is up to you I just wanna take it off by the end of the night I wanted to see you so much. [지/All] 둘 중에 하나만 골라 YES or YES? I'm in front of you. Niga naegyeote isseojuneun geot Rago chingudeureun 매 시간 머리를 굴리지만 난 [지/All] 하나 더 보태서 YES or YES or YES I’m in front of you It’s all up to you (It’s all up to you) I don’t care nuga mweoraedo (Jihyo: Ooh~) (Uuuuuuu) I need you Do not ask seontaekjineun hana ja seontaegeun ni mam I don’t care 누가 뭐래도 I want to hold your hand that used to only pass by I wanna tell you my heart with the blowing wind. 이 정도 플랜이면 완벽해 만족해 Without knowing. Gyesokaeseo nal buchugijiman Jihyo and Nayeon’s first lines are All/Jihyo or Nayeon respectively. My heart burn burn burn Buneun barame nae mam jeonhallae Though it may seem a bit absurd [Intro: Punch] 선택을 존중해 거절은 거절해 Naega yeogi itjana 니 마음을 몰라 준비해봤어 뭐 좀 황당하긴 해도 억지라고 해도 (Oh) You can clearly hear that Jihyo sings the “(Oh)” adlib before the “shireoneun shireo” line in this video: Also, what do you think about the ad-lib in the dance break being Mina? Oh you’re so pretty, you’re so so soft. Love is true 결국 다 버려지고 너만 남아 Nan geugeollodo chungbunhande you 다 놀라 내 뻔뻔함에 [Nayeon] mweol goreulji molla junbihaebwasseo The one thing I want Jeongyeon, Momo and Jihyo’s lines in the final pre-chorus are All/Jeongyeon, Momo or Jihyo respectively. Korean: music.naver naega yeogi itjanha. jinshimini? 좀 더 선명하게 니 맘을 내게 보여봐 I'm going to you. No!) [Chorus: Punch] My heart burn burn burn bokjapage gominhal piryo [Jihyo] ni maeumeul molla junbihaebwasseo You better hurry up, To make it simple, whatever you choose, you will be with me Last spring, I saw you by coincidence Jigeumeseoya kkaedareun geonde gollabwa ja seontaegeun ni mam. 내가 이렇게도 이기적이었던가 Do you mean it? [Verse 4: Loco] Y! Jeil pyeonhan jariya Sounds more like Chae to me, but then again it’s more like a background vocal than a proper adlib. Choose only one of the two YES or YES? Tell me with your lips Korean (Hangul) [Verse 2: Loco] [Chorus: Punch] Ni nunape watjana [사/All] 하나만 선택해 어서 YES or YES? 내가 여기 있잖아 I wish you would hold out your hand Jinan bomeneun neol uyeonhi bwatgo Maybe not (No! (Ah ah) I wanna tell you my heart with the blowing wind 이제부터는 나의 옆이 It’s all up to you Learn to count to ten in Korean. You better tell me yes, nae mameun jeonghaesseo YES! 내가 여기 있잖아 mweol goreulji molla junbihaebwasseo (Oh) (Oh) It’s! 나도 모르게 Eodideun gal su isseo I don’t care nuga mweoraedo [모/All] 하나만 선택해 어서 YES or YES? Mae sigan meorireul gullijiman nan Answer me like that too

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