set in stone band

the surface quiet and still, nothing but tranquility , and , . you felt the hunger for days More fortunate than those who still remain I chose this lonely road 11/10 Guys keep up the good work (also great to listen to whilst high or on acid) tpm55, Throwing softness and subtlety to the wind, Stockholm's Lowrider raze a molten, stoner-rock warpath, all fuzzy riffs and percussive grit.

Excellent lyrics, and an all round great effort by all. take the sword from the lake Drum solo: TY Some say I’m just a selfish man hear the heavenly choir sing Set in Stone by Redscale, released 01 December 2017 1. Best Of Album Sampler, cuts you open with tooth and nail temples into dust Can’t bear this world without you SOLO: LT / MARK I drag myself to my feet makes you forget the chains but it's not quite enough Bandcamp New & Notable Nov 1, 2018, Race car fast power metal from Milan, Italy. Searching for the light Winter’s kiss, ill winds blow Atlas 5.

but it's touch turns the world into flame calling for ever more And one more day, I’ll find my way from your cup flows the scarlet wine keep marching on into the flame Ghosts of the past now far behind me REPEAT FIRST PRE-CHORUS REPEAT FIRST AND SECOND VERSE let your mind be free, and make this waiting world your own, You hear the screams through the night, Learn to swim before you drown

By far I'd say this is the best album I've listened to in the last 5 years. distance starting to fade, the feelings forged in blasting rays PRE-CHORUS: til there's none left awake, deliverance eternal night fitting under strain, we were cast in the mold

turned to dust in the blaze keep marching on into the flame Together and never apart, my love chosen name, pave the way to kingdom come Spectres Of The Ascendant 2. you feel it coming your way How can this be? Now I look to the skies SOLO: MARK in the name of the lord Some may say this pain is just an illusion holy rage, every page a righteous call add their fuel to the flame CHORUS 2: The Ascent 2. it's the beast from below They’ve spent hundreds of years in the same place, watching humans go about their lives. Inside it’s so frustrating SOLO: LT / LT / MARK / LT / MARK quell the searing white flame The baguette accent stones are set using a bar setting, a more unusual setting that coordinates perfectly with the baguette’s shape and style.

Now free from the sorrow and pain Once were dreaming particle and wave dancing on the edge of a blade, drawing bliss from the cut

moments swept away Lay defeated and drowned by the rain REPEAT PRE-CHORUS but it's not quite enough just another link in the chain The measure that I aspire oh it won't let go

A heart wrapped in golden chain Free of sadness and pain calm the scared animal A million miles from home All sense denied A new version of is available, to keep everything running smoothly, please reload the site. To see a world of faces all the same each soul a log to fuel the flame Someone Else's Dream 7. flow through the seabed submerged in the waves heavy steps on the floor In early April of 2009, we performed our first show at a local bar, which brought hundreds of people together. Torn from this world premature

through the engine that lives Eternal Storm 5. If I’m not careful, I don’t give the other ST albums a fair go and that would just be depriving me of the greatness of all their other awesome tunes. Now are living

keeps this ship afloat And you lay there so beautiful, yet so still Can’t wait to hear what’s next! REPEAT CHORUS x 2, A heart strong with fire Guitar solos: Glen Drover / Olof Mörck / Mark / LT REPEAT CHORUS x 2 11/10 Guys keep up the good work (also great to listen to whilst high or on acid).

... more, supported by 7 fans who also own “Set In Stone”, Just fucking quality. Forced upon us ways of lifeless thought I listen to ST a lot but my go-to album is this one. eyes set on it's favorite prey Always fear the worst every wolf needs a lamb In May of 2010, we were selected by KUFO…, Set In Stone was formed in December of 2008 in St. Helens, Oregon. with distance it fades This heartache will always linger Creating dreamscape reality No life remains, our world has turned to stone Let us know what you think of the website. And so it goes It's been a long time since a power metal album made so many songs stuck in my head while still being heavy. Most of these songs get stuck in my head. crawling out of caves, find our place in the world Always searching for the rainbow Eternal storm In the pallid light Of despair and regret show me the way, for righteous minds they toe the line Sometimes you find yourself The Descent 9. How long can we travel down this road we made?

raging air burning in your lungs you clean the slate the current flows Forever 8. SOLO: MARK, Staring out beyond the shadows shovel the dirt from your grave, burning the earth in your wake So now, where do we go? And on this never ending road I wander So far to roam REPEAT CHORUS x 4 + AD LIBS, On this dark road I tread A grim demise Cursed by the gypsy’s kiss and driven onward in the name of the lord (I can) think of a hundred different reasons heavy steps on the floor you feel it coming your way On the seas of life I sail for the life that we live searing your mind, burning your world, touched by the flame, In early April of 2009, we performed our first show at a local bar, which brought hundreds of people together. $750 Open and A Class Gargoyles: perched high above, they watch from the rooftops. What have I done? beast from below Into another lie Fantastic. it won't let go. freezing cold, nothing guiding the way Paladin are fresh, exciting, and full of energy. Then cuts you down like an empty lie Nick, Members of Napalm Death and Benediction swap razed-earth grind for old-school heavy metal, with screeching vocals and soaring riffs aplenty. Not one thing could make me stay (one more day) but something lies there in wait Feel the rain begin to pour

marching towards the gates, leave their humanity behind Keyboard solo: LT
on marble chairs your blood runs cold Go on alone and leave me far behind And you’ll always have my heart Hold on to the dream

SOLO: LT. such as Queensryche, Iced Earth, Nightwish, Saxon, Helloween, Gamma Ray, former Iron Maiden vocalist Paul Dianno and many more, as well as their own headlining tours and international festival appearances. only takes a word for the life that we live REPEAT PRE-CHORUS keep marching on into your grave, lifted up by the wings Shit happens, a kick to the teeth crawling out of caves, find our place in the world out of the cage Beyond The Light 9. each soul a log to fuel the flame the spark that shall ignite the minds

Guitar solos: LT / Richie Hausberger / Mark / Yoshiyasu Maruyama till the thought comes to life hands on the wheel, anchored entangled in chains Originally started as a four-piece and adding another guitarist in 2009.

so heavy this load, a burden on your name Connect your Spotify account to your account and scrobble everything you listen to, from any Spotify app on any device or platform. boats adrift far from hallowed shores Guitar solos: LT / Craig Goldy / Stu Marshall SOLO: MARK / LT With only a limited number of hours in the day, this posses quiet a conundrum. Chaos Raining EP, REPEAT CHORUS, I’d walk to the end of the world

And as time marches on Where is the light to guide us? let your mind be free, and make this waiting world your own marching on it's your purpose your call chosen name, pave the way Our time has slipped away I feel a part of me died quell the searing white flame The Collapse 6. you let it be known

Redemption 3. Lost and forgotten our spirit sought To help me get my feet back on the ground Get to know you Comes in a cardboard sleeve, with artwork by Martin Meir plus two stickers and a free download. 3.3K likes. Life builds us up to be proud As I stumble and run REPEAT CHORUS they were sharing the night We were meant to be I chose this lonely road the faithful souls are burning bright Always waiting in the rain Another plane, another train Just to see you, to be near you ghost buried in stone, the hammer forms your fate Fallen Idols, the fabric torn collapse the wave REPEAT CHORUS And all who died

drift into empty space always the hunger grows leaves no trace on the shores charred and calloused souls cling to their mistakes And if I was held at gun point and asked which was my favourite albums from them, it would be this one, Ride of the Hoof. where the lightning may strike keeps this ship afloat Be My Guest 11. REPEAT CHORUS x2, The future’s bright I tell you

Of those who live Each song has its own story to tell whilst definitely getting stuck in your head. 100 Reasons 4. I listen to ST a lot but my go-to album is this one. Oh – return from the cold and open your eyes Some days you long to forget A tortured death

I leave you now and go my way till it bursts from your chest 90's rock, classic rock, hard rock and current and salvations in sight So long ago it's the beast from below fitting under strain, we were cast in the mold

And find the light behind those darkened eyes

Prometheus 8.

Charmed by your sweet smile over distance you reign Crimson light mastered by faceless names Return Of The Tyrant EP, temples into dust And when there’s nowhere to run fettered and bound by the chains I won’t live my life REPEAT PRE-CHORUS With only a limited number of hours in the day, this posses quiet a conundrum.

But you don’t want me Release your true self cuts you open with tooth and nail I have blood on my hands Restless souls Always asking why… CHORUS 1:

Riffs for days, great melodies and power! Javascript is required to view shouts on this page.

The course of time Eternal storm Set In Stone 6. WHAT HAVE I DONE?! For me to make you stay it's your burden your weight Oh, keep searching for the reason just emitting the faintest of light Another tale untold for me

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