star trek: discovery season 2 episode 14 review

Maybe Starfleet would authorize the construction of a new time suit to bring back the Discovery crew. He decidedly did not, breaking that bond of trust. The stakes are high upon Discovery’s return to their own universe. The Emperor tells Michael that her regret is a mistake, but it’s not.

“We created something beautiful today in a desolate wasteland that had never seen life,” Michael tells Ash.

After a trip to the Mirrorverse, a secret Klingon reveal, and some light time travel, Michael Burnham is right back where she started: under Georgiou’s command, about to face off against the Klingons.
With Terran Georgiou whispering in the ears of the Federation’s senior leaders, the soul of the Federation itself is in jeopardy. Judging by the looks of the crew as they watch the roots find a new home in the moon, so did these characters. Only Tyler. Sarek doesn’t ask for consent when initiating the mind meld? Ash can’t put his mental health on anyone else. …  How does this war end?” Cornwell asks the Klingon, attempting to understand her in an attempt to enact some real change in this brutal war. And by the end of the episode, Spock suggests that Starfleet should essentially erase the existence of the Discovery. Page 1 of 1. What if someone got a hold of it? Star Trek: Discovery: Season 2 Episode 14 Reviews.

It was an uneven finale for an uneven show. I’m not sure why Cornwell wouldn’t tell the rest of the crew who Georgiou truly is—lying to your crew about something like this is some Lorca-level bullshit—but I suppose we’ll have to wait and see what their master plan is. Copyright © 2018 Fandango. This Star Trek: Discovery review contains spoilers. • Lots of “Discovery” fans were convinced that Control is the origin story for the Borg.

• We know there is going to be a Season 3. A long-term lover of all things science fiction…, the soul of the Federation itself is in jeopardy, Warrior Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Not How We Do Business, Supernatural Season 15 Episode 15: Gimme Shelter Review, Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Episode 1 Review: That Hope is You, Part 1, Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Episode Guide, Star Trek: Discovery Potential Spinoffs We’d Like to See, How Hunt A Killer Expands the Blair Witch Universe with New Horror Game, Topps' Fright Flicks Cards: Where Horror and Comedy Collide, Best Horror Movies on Netflix: Scariest Films to Stream, Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? This will force the Klingons to abandon their attacks and flee home. She also, no doubt, has her own agenda, something anyone who two eyes can see in the final scene, which sees Michelle Yeoh gloriously playing the Emperor-masquerading-as-Georgiou with a cat-about-to-catch-the-mouse grin. The season's penultimate episode is Discovery's best yet, a reminder of what this show is capable of when it slows down. The Essential DanMachi Moments, Star Trek: Discovery Episode 14 Review — The War Without, The War Within. We also know Anson Mount is leaving “Discovery” after this season. Star Trek: Discovery capped off its sophomore season with a breathlessly paced finale packed with eye-popping visual effects. Season 2 was certainly an improvement on the first season but overall, "Discovery" still felt like it was trying to find its footing. Emperor Georgiou gives Michael similar advice: attack Qo’noS, the Klingon homeworld. This is where it went off the rails for me. But like much of this second season, it's also pretty effective, offering up nice character interplay, crazy visuals and effects, and some "whoa" moments of Star Trek grandeur. ), Control (i.e. In Star Trek: Discovery's season 2 finale "Such Sweet Sorrow Part 2" (Season 2 Episode 14), the Discovery, Enterprise, and Section 31 fire phasers at each other a lot. Stamets said she would get to if the spore mission succeeded.

We don’t get definitive resolution on that in the finale. It’s unclear how a fractured Klingon empire managed to cripple a united Federation so quickly. He will need support, but he is the one who has to do the work; who has to want to do the work. While Starfleet may be struggling, Cornwell has proven herself a competent leader. “You don’t have to do this. That Herculean task is further complicated by the fact that Sarek and Cornwell have given the keys of the Discovery over to Emperor Georgiou, a woman who eats Sarus and, just five minutes ago, was ruling a brutal, totalitarian empire. The Discovery just saved the universe! Stamets’ bored/exasperated face during the Starfleet debrief meeting gave me life. The season finale of “Star Trek: Discovery” was true to form: alternately impressive and head-scratching; a visual marvel and yet muddled; nostalgic and fresh. The Klingons have killed hundreds of thousands of people under Federation protection in their bid to prove themselves the dominant house. There is even an extended — and a bit pointless — boarding party when Leland beams over to the Discovery.
The fast cuts, combined with the shaky cam, provided constant visual stimulation, almost taking the viewer on a roller-coaster ride. Sure, that may have been Voq, but it was Tyler who promised he would confide in Michael if he got in over his head. From there, the Discovery can map the locations of the Klingon weaponry and defenses: the key to their attack’s success.

Cornwell bursts back onto the scene by blowing Lorca’s bowl of fortune cookies to smithereens and talking to L’Rell like an equal, just as Saru did. Please tell me someone warned Stamets that Tyler was out walking the halls. But Star Trek missions are nothing if they don’t involve some kind of elaborate, science-based plan—and oh how I’ve missed that traditional component of the franchise. Rude. He has to save himself. The Tomatometer rating – based on the published opinions of hundreds of film and television critics – is a trusted measurement of movie and TV programming quality for millions of moviegoers. Ash begs to be given another chance by Michael, but Michael can’t do it. But that’s where we leave off: The Discovery is presumably in the future.

“If ever there was a time to go wild,” Stamets says, and he’s not kidding. ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 2, Episode 14: Virtue Signaling, Sonequa Martin-Green in “Star Trek: Discovery.”. Certain inconsistencies you can live with.

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