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Defining M&E framework 6.

In the UN, strategy is often about achieving a goal in the most effective and efficient manner possible. N���S��֚z-����VD�rJO8��T{��eA� �Qh@2j��Dz��e%BT��crS�WSaA�a��9/&�J�h�I^�i��h�MV�h9Z��`�x�=B������$�L›ڼ�_�lV���d��gyv_�a���=�.i�A^V���ȫ�N�es��6tN˅�W����1O.�~�t�UJ'���6�W n+��m��#l�®�+��ҏ�Wԡ��pQ6y�&�?��������3��Ӣ��n 1�I�2Z7 ]⽀��=�ސ��x�rct���vj����Q�}��A��q�$��)"��E�o����"RNyM _0j�v@^�@�mAH��|�aP�o~خ#��/#�吤}���_jF Y�q4!ͳ����%L�H;�t�`�� �4��z_2[�`+ݐ�;�m�F6��l�k�5���]'�?��m��^������� v?����{�m4���0ӜO� This is the final step in the strategic planning process that generates the required feedback about the outcomes of the strategy that was implemented. 2 0 obj 2.

>> Click here to find out using our free learning styles assessment tool. endstream endobj 613 0 obj <>stream 10 0 obj I consider that the GBP 99 cost represents excellent value for money and the materials are of a high quality... Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making, Ten Best Practice Customer Service Techniques, (Get all available programs for one low price), Copyright © 2020 Your Training Course Material Resource. Defining M&E framework 6.

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<> Define or review the business' values, community vision, and mission. stream Click here to assess your phone manners. <>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 720 540] /Contents 19 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 2>> endobj 11 0 obj <> While vision is more specific in terms of objective and time frame of its achievement. x��MHa�����ї���$T&R��+S�e�L b�}w�g���-E"��u�.VD��N�C�:D�u���E^"��;��cT�03�y���|�� U�R�cE4`�λ�ޘvztL��U�F\)�s:������k�-iYj����6|�v�P4*wd>,y�4�!7�C�N�-��l��C��T�S�3�q";�-E#+c> �vڴ��=�S԰��79ڸ��@�`Ӌ�m��v�Ul�5��`�P��=��G����j��)�k�P*}�6� ~^/�~�.�~�a���2

4 0 obj <>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 720 540] /Contents 12 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 1>> It serves as a guide in time of uncertainty, vagueness. 9 0 obj

Finalizing the plan. A mission statement is like an introductory paragraph that lets the reader know where the writer is going.

��#�dfpՊ���YDc������4 =�� D��l�K;�!f?�Y�]k_���τ��wuޒ���UZAvz�r�*��TV���N\�V�39E���D���K���+������gI��t���{�D̈́�7��d�(:B�L�]��[ A roadmap to launch and grow your organization Process as important as product (perhaps more important) Aligns stakeholders around strategic priorities Communicates your goals, strategies and programs Engages, motivates, and retains external and internal audiences (e.g., board, staff, donors, etc.) Setting up the goals and vision ; Setting up the mission statement; Objectives of the firm; The first and foremost step towards making a product successful is to make a careful observation of the objective of the firm. In a marketing-led company they can be used to explore the extent to which the company is working coherently towards a distinctive and motivating place in the mind of consumer. Distribute tasks and assign actionsNow that your plan has been placed together in one document, its time to start assigning specific tasks to each specific team, department or individual.

7 0 obj What is a strategic plan and why is it needed? endobj Developing the action plan.

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Formal and informal procedures that govern everyday activity, covering everything from management information systems, through to the systems at the point of contact with the customer (retail systems, call center systems, online systems, etc.). Free self assessment tool. Assessing the Situation/Analysing Environment: 4. x�͕_k�0�� ��iXeQ�_V k�u��k c&uC�l�۱o�+�+Jb:��ő�=ǿ{Cw�^�zpu�߇����#�2Ƹ̂�b���h|eu/�4��q�a�r�Τ�8==���8���@��w�R�y�R#�������W{��7�Fk���X���zn%8vPp�o��&20X��ܪ׭2��l*�{Ae�6����* 6. If the required end results are not obtained then this step suggests the alternative strategy to meet the end results. Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making (Click to read more).
endobj endobj <> Steps in the process 1.


Costing the plan 8. 8rʶ�������d�WT'��eL�~.u"A��=9�뗚]��>31�3��X3�����-$e�}��u,��gm�g�6�64$ы��EzL*LZ�_�j���_��]�X��y�[�?�Xs ���N��/��]��|m���sϚƫk_Wf��ȸA�2��)�o��z-di��������2�|m٣��j|5ԥej�8�ɮe�E��7��[����Q�|�IM%ײ�xf)�|6\ k���`Ҳ��䍐. endobj %PDF-1.3 Many people mistake vision statement for mission statement.

The below 8 steps give you an overall view of the general actions that should be followed when putting together any strategic plan. endobj

�\�u|;���c��o�|=�饨c6�~�p��L��N����$�HG$������p��eQ�?�o�DA�����V���-�z|�N��;��D%K"����=��Y��H�?qw���:����R�;�g�E�i��y�W���G�'sXTS��G�{H�Ñ䚦���� ��=�X�>h�)�Nj�����=��I�&�u�����* 9�l Finalizing the plan. A mission statement defines the core purpose the organisation-why it exists.


It is like guiding light. This highly interactive workshop introduces a variety of creative problem solving and decision making tools and techniques. Preparing for planning 2. A strategy focused on the small segment of the market that was previously ignored by other players. endobj x���KO�0���� ���[BHPX�jAq����@�t����;v4uK+�Z��3���c{��E3׏ ��MS?�=�}y2o���C9��{T^ד�n�������d�&�70� ���L���q��4�0�?�ir�A� ��irF�/i"�`ƁT�)�UP���b�&?`Y��V-�XEy�����\�0P�u�匎������pv9 (�}.��WDv̙Xf#�� y�Q�x؋'�z|}z�4�`�������6�U���d��m��(�Xʾ�O[ˬ�e � F2�S�A���)�֞ ��)�&چ��N1%6�E���vs F�_W@��lد���%�Q�ZK���Q��\���i�.M�ݺڞ���Et))m�,?�6���[�XZk� $gV���+dի:����x�'#�p:��wq�%C�S�I BKDWL� Ҹw��ۺ�M�o��=i�e҄c����./Peü0�m^��8/�i���Bf�yQe4ɳ����N�!��9� �: �����eW䪅�1

endobj we are all creative. Plagiarism Prevention 4.

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