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That Bloke is exhibit A for freedom destruction! ., Could his cv be any more f’ing authoritative, Bob these fwits will never accept they got it wrong, If Jesus Christ himself came back and told everyone lockdowns aren’t warranted. The best sports coverage from around the world, covering: Football, Cricket, Golf, Rugby, WWE, Boxing, Tennis and much more., I think the more modern attempts at internal change is more acute and some in the U.S. should get over the Chicago boys given the flick from Russia – as well ….

Just about every day. Repeatedly. Vicky Gomersall is joined by Darren Lewis to bring you the biggest stories and talking points in football. Very very very smart man. One person spoke to a virulently anti lockdown media outlet, The Spectator, as reported in other fellow traveller media. Sunday Supplement (formerly Jimmy Hill's Sunday Supplement) was a Sunday morning television programme in the United Kingdom about football.It was broadcast on Sunday mornings on Sky Sports Premier League and Sky Sports Football, during the football season.The length of the show was 90 minutes, including commercials, although it was occasionally cut down to 60 minutes. I know I’m not alone either. Must be why the economic libertarians aka AET sorts were loud and proud right before the GFC, yet even now still attempt to lay claim to any sort of credibility.

Angnotology is not an alternative view and has serve consequences for everyone, especially when its some concocted narrative to fill uninformed minds with so some can benefit from it at the cost to everyone else – now and in the future. The answer is nobody here that I can remember has ever advocated “committees which set the price of all fruit, vegetables and meat on a regular basis” (outside of extraordinary circumstances like war or natural disasters). Academics are, for the most part, paid by the state and are therefore very friendly to the idea of state intervention in all manner of areas they have no right to be involved in. I understand the position you *present* just fine. Millennials own less than 5% of all U.S. wealth, Trump steel tariffs bring job losses to swing state Michigan, Fearing Biden tax hikes, wealthy Americans rush to change estate plans, Canada’s struggling hospitality businesses face ‘perfect storm’ as insurers flee, Weed stocks surge as Kamala Harris vows to decriminalize pot in debate, Second US presidential debate between Trump and Biden officially cancelled, No Stimulus Means Economy’s Fate Hangs on Next Few Months, US lawmakers call for shakeup of big tech ‘monopoly power’ in antitrust report, Why America’s economic war on China is failing, Face mask mandates slowed the spread of COVID-19 in Canada, An election result that won’t be accepted, Second wave of layoffs looms as COVID cases climb, straining hard-hit industries, Path to recovery littered with debt risks, Bank of Canada governor warns, China’s SOE reforms must encourage competition and provide subsidy transparency, state economist says, China readies new law to ban companies on national security grounds, Japan Inc. caught in dilemma in US decoupling campaign, China’s population crisis: Beijing must address its falling births and ageing workforce, China ‘golden week’ holiday spending rebounds from coronavirus with daily spending up 4.9 per cent on year, Why Indian farmers are angry over agricultural reforms, What Indonesia’s labor reforms mean for workers’ rights, the environment, India’s central bank predicts economy to shrink 9.5%, China’s services sector remained strong in September due to continued recovery in domestic supply, demand, A Crisis Warning Is in Danger of Being Forgotten, Uzbekistan one of only two countries in Europe and Central Asia to put in positive economic growth this year says World Bank, Armenia and Azerbaijan agree temporary ceasefire, Taiwan Is the Next Front in the U.S.-China Standoff, Britain’s BBC Is Swimming in Poisonous Cultural Waters, Coronavirus: Berlin’s first curfew in 70 years kicks in. Something that sounds nice and soothing. “STFU you lost!”, they were shouting. Yes and no. saying how the potential for the PPE sector

Sunday Supplement. And it happened to be a good game – by virtue of the weather conditions and a few other factors but mainly, dumb luck. *Four match series. Gav, if you read that quote and only see talk about gender and race, the problem is on your side, because of the six specific things mentioned (rich/poor, men/women, millionaires/unemployed, health care, education, aged care) only one of them mentioned gender. Best bit is how the Von [genetic authority] was removed from the Mises institute after defending its historical tradition [tm] with tooth and nail back in the day – poof – quite reminiscent of some PR sales rebranding shift to chase – retain market share in the market place of ideas Eg.

And I suspect you do this precisely because your world view is persistently challenged by reality. (China in the 19th century was ruled by a foreign power, not the yanks or europeans but by people from north of China aka Manchuria). So EP what was the deal pre Idpol … eh … not like you had diminishing returns for labour way back decades after wages and productivity diverged … but yeah its all Idpols fault? Ever since then, I have no time for them. Here’s Michael Hudson, Guy Standing and David Graeber discussing rentier capitalism in the time of Covid-19 Man Utd's moves for Cavani and Sancho discussed, Leeds hold Man City in a … All intended to psych out the west. Not that you would understand some of the best business deals are where everyone has to compromise and no one gets to dominate, its good for all involved – see the old HP boys. – People are allowed to have alternative views you know. They have always been anti lockdown and stated that tithe lockdown cure is worse than the COVID disease.

I don’t know of a Bohemian / hippy enclave hasn’t been gentrified by the moneyed classes. BTW Dominic should know being a grouse econ mav that PK does not favor targeted IR and in fact it has lead to all sorts of dislocations let alone a freebee to BSD free rider financial capital … him being a ex capital desk jockey and all. I love interviews with Daniel Lacalle. Well, they’re not making any more of them, But when stuff there will never be a shortage of doubles every 7 years, you know there may be something else afoot.

Thongs used to be worn on feet but now on but not seen on/in Sheilas bums. Though I’m sure some washed up, waste of space academic could attempt to justify it. This government has made choices today that prioritise the rich over the poor, men over women and millionaires over the unemployed. Obviously, once the progressive rapture occurs no one will be free to think for themselves at all. I’ll add on Trumps public notice about him and the stawck markets or do you want to see your notional price go splat thingy, yet who were his base again? The WHO or the 12,000 scientists, doctors and epidemiologists that signed the Barrington Declaration? I think this gets right back to the hatred of democracy by Dominic’s sort from the prospective of a “Businessman’s view” in the romanticized notion of the ***Village*** setting and a myopic sense of Traditional social organization. Lol. They’d be the last two carnts I’d want a photo of on my phone. Ends up its some oil prince that games and wanted to give him a leg up for having a go. I watched the game and – to be fair – felt shattered on our behalf. Note individual client performance will vary based on the amount invested, ethical overlays and the date of purchase. I’ll accept the isn’t a great source. Really? Less health care, less funding for education, less supported funding for aged care.”, Still peddling this tired neoliberal garbage, Only because she’s too stupid to know any better. An explanation of an old grudge ….. Let’s state this upfront: if these useless mounds of jizz actually knew better than Mr Market, we’d have committees which set the price of all fruit, vegetables and meat on a regular basis – a bit like ‘interest rates’ – but we don’t. By Gunnamatta in Miscellaneous. You mean like Ben Carson was a neurosurgeon doctor but had some really whacked out ideas kinda doctors …. How on earth can you draw parallels between business outcomes and that match? The other thing is that the chinese on the northern goldfields all had queues and wore “pajama” clothing as a mark of subjugation to their rulers, the Manchu. I hear leading by example thingy …. And there we go to the ad hominem as usual. Everything she said is factually incorrect, Tax cuts today means service cuts tomorrow. Your go-to example above at the mere suggestion of “intervention” – as it is pretty much every time – was the immediate extreme of a centralised command economy (despite nobody having ever advocated that here as far as I can remember). Almost every other perspective on lockdown was negative but “it’s the science” seemed to be the trump card that won the debate so far. Thing is, you only need to look around and talk to people in the street to see the damage being dome by lockdowns. Over 90 percent of business go broke in the first 3 to 5 years, my link above to stew shows “Out of over 86,000 blockchain projects that had been launched, 92% had been abandoned by the end of 2017”, studies abound about time and space in the market which has little or nothing to do with tropes about hard work or smarts being critical to success[???? Sunday Supplement, Leek, Stoke-On-Trent, United Kingdom. Oil prince replies that its couch change to him and would mean nothing to him if it all went poof …. Not an over-arching strategy. What makes us a special case? I put it down to the fact that the ABs have had nowhere near as much practice as the Wallabies at it. But if speculators start buying it all up I’ll be annoyed.

HSBC calls start of a ‘great rebalancing’ as the global economy enters a flatter stage of the recovery, Scene is set for a ‘generational opportunity’ in equities, strategist says, ‘Treasuries on steroids’: U.S. banks’ mortgage bond trading bonanza, Winter Is Coming for the World’s Airlines. WTF?!

A tactical measure to buy time – get organised, take pressure of hospital system when necessary. You ARE one of THEIR (The Plutocratic establishments) greatest and most effective tools! I just remember being in Auckland after us being flogged by the ABs and we copped a heap of abuse from a group of fans because we were singing happily after the game!

It’s not my fault if I don’t know what you’re thinking.

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