team building activities for conference calls

Would you rather be invisible or be able to read minds? Why not try inviting special guests to your next video call? Source: Lucid Meetings Blog, Chris Higgins, Allow time at the beginning of conference calls for a bit of chit-chat to allow teams a chance to get to know each other some.
Here are five icebreakers to help your team kick off your next remote meeting on the same page. If so, let me know your favorite. Participants on the call can each try to guess which statement is false.

On the other hand, relying on the internet to communicate can be difficult.

Have each participant share which three people they’d choose to have with them if deserted on an island, and perhaps why.

Playing a trivia game during a conference call can serve as a break from more stressful conference call activities and also serve to reinforce knowledge and facts required to complete project tasks. David Humphreys Next:  The Best Advice For Remote Work Success From 10 Global Teams [Free Guide]. Using this capability, the conference call facilitator can pose a question, allow for small group discussion and then reconvene the entire group later at a set time. The project manager does not need to facilitate each meeting.

Read all three statements out loud and give everyone else a minute to guess which of the statements is false. If you want to run the best meetings possible, get a copy of my book Bad Meetings Happen to Good People: How to Run Meetings That Are Effective, Focused, and Produce Results. e.src = url

Then have each team member share one of these best moments and if they would relive it if they could.

Get our free guide from 10 top remote teams. Another major advantage of videoconferencing is that everything in your office …
07, Another major advantage of videoconferencing is that everything in your office is always within reach.

I first played this at a team offsite, and we had great fun with it!


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She works with project managers who want to improve their skills and grow in their career, and entrepreneurs and small businesses to help them get more done.

Rules: Each group can share a picture of something of their … And if you do ever subscribe, it’s easy to change your mind and unsubscribe. The facilitator can keep score and provide small rewards for correct answers such as gift cards or coupons.

By asking for feedback during the meeting, the facilitator ensures that all participants agree with decisions made. Rotating Facilitation Duties. They can all answer the same question or mix it up. If you have others that you’ve used and loved, let me know in the comments. If you could be friends with a celebrity, who would you choose and why? You’ll likely have an engaging discussion about several suggestions, and even recipe requests. If you could choose to remain one age until you die, which age would you choose and why? Participants speak up with a phrase such as “I know the answer” and wait to be recognized before giving the answer.

6. © Copyright 2020, Trello, Inc. All rights reserved. Source: Icebreaker Ideas. When the person you’re talking to is a two-inch-tall disembodied head that magically transforms into a buffering wheel every 15 seconds, deciphering facial expressions and body language can be a challenge. Situations such as the following would not warrant an icebreaker activity: Ask a question to the group via email, asking them to reply all, so that everyone sees the answers. Source: Michael Wilkinson, CMF, Leadership Strategies, Inc. The goals are the same as well. Have participants share three pieces of information, two of which are lies and one is true. Simple Ways to Show Team and Coworker Appreciation. These five activities are just a small fraction of the hundreds of possible meeting games out there, but they’re ones that are less likely to get groans from your screenmates. Constraining participants to using just three words in response to a question can serve as both a fun activity and functional tool for limiting verbose participants. The person with a “1” gets to speak first.

By many measures, communicating in person is just flat out.

There’s a reason Jeopardy’s been on the air for 50 years: people LOVE trivia. Please try again. He should choose one day and ask for a volunteer to speak up with his answer.

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To collaborate with team members who are scattered across the globe, you basically have two options: By many measures, communicating in person is just flat out easier.

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