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By default, a weighted average is used with analysts weighted by their historical accuracy. The first (massive) step would be to collect all of these data from both the past and upcoming season. More info on VOR is provided below. Is that feature a limitation of custom scoring or am I missing some basic understanding of the app? Cohen’s d Values (for customizing tiers): Unlike other site’s tiers, our tiers are determined empirically and take into account the distribution of each player’s projected points (not just the average projection). I’m always looking to improve our projections, either by generating our own or including more projections in our averaging. My kid got interested in math after learning a bit of your program! This article describes the additional features in the paid subscription: http://fantasyfootballanalytics.net/2016/08/introducing-ffa-insider.html. For IDP are you taking in to account which players are more likely to be three-down players or players that are returners (offensive and defensive)? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. We have historical fantasy projections that go back to 2008 for some sites here (we only have for 1-3 years for most sites, though): Could you make the projections app give you the ability to save your scoring system so that I don’t have to manually enter it in every week? I was wondering if there’s a way to use the Lineup Optimizer offline? So I am attempting to try and find a more concrete baseline. Injury Prediction was something like 3.5 missed games. It would be great to be able to store my settings somehow. Which is then "made up" by just 1 RB's # of games, however its likely these could all be on different teams and therefore require 3 RBs to fill these "missed games", not just 1. It can’t fully be the “ideal amount” because the ideal cost would be $1 for every player (although that’s obviously implausible). On the other hand, one should accept more risk with bench players because such a move has a low risk, high reward potential. I am having trouble downloading new projections. Never had this problem from the same PCs in years past. Thanks, let us know if you come across others! Please note: It's never a good idea to cut a player for no reason. Also I think rookies might be missing as well…. For info on which calculation type is the most accurate, see here: We made some slight adjustments to the default VOR baseline values so the rankings were reasonable. Listen below and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts: More Week 6 Fantasy prep: Waivers | Trade Values | Winners and Losers | Believe It or Not. Is vor your go to metric for drafting a team? Replacement Baseline most will calculate based on #of that position taken by say 100 players or 120 players or some will set it based on "worst starter" while others will do "man games needed". Season: which season of projections to use. Projections suck. I love the layout of the web tool and how you post all of the code in R as well. Simply compare the fantasy points each player will score to the corresponding baseline player. Sounds like you may be ABD, or even job market bound now; best of luck to you in either case! For instance, if you want to exclude ESPN projections, you would give them a weight of 0. App should be working now. For instance Yahoo is projecting for Cordarrelle to gain 800+ return yards. As a result, it is a combination of expected cost plus an adjustment that would allow you to get the players necessary to maximize your projected points. We’d like to build this feature at some point. Curious if that’s an additional part of the R package, or if you have hopes to include that in the online projections app sometime before this 2016 season. http://fantasyfootballanalytics.net/2015/07/accuracy-of-fantasy-football-projections-interactive-scatterplot-in-r.html, For strategy in your Snake Draft, see here: http://fantasyfootballanalytics.net/2015/05/2015-fantasy-football-projections.html#comment-31033. We update the data regularly, and a “Date Updated” infobox is on our to-do list. 2) Weekly projections isn’t a “simple” change but it’s on our to-do list for next season. I do VOD for all my leagues rankings. Or if one of the other options is similar, that would be great. I’m aware that numberFire does but am not aware of any others. I’ve been thinking about creating my own projections from the bare bones and adding/removing some variables to look for certain outcomes (i.e uncovering sleepers better). ADP: Average draft position. Having a benchmark be an available player?Say I used RB#35 average scoring here as my "Baseline", given that I would likely have even a better option than this. This is awesome! AAV: Average auction value. All the scoring settings are customizable. Column B, Player; Column J, Actual Points; Column N, Cost. Hey Isaac, great app! some suggestions: Hey Isaac, this work is amazing and I just had a quick question about more exactly how to use the projection tool. My initial research keeps going back to what you have done and I would use your research over Pro Football Focus or Fantasy Football Pros. You might try disabling ad blockers, clearing your cache, etc. Your website / blog is great. Thanks again! Thanks Nathan! Gotcha. I’m not getting any errors. Used to rank players across positions. Great question, and I totally agree with you that this would be awesome. I will say thanks, because discussing this with you, and typing this out, has lead me to the thinking of the "end of roster #s" which I think is probably the single BEST metric to use. Do you look at VOR early and floor later? I know Yahoo does. To that I set a baseline, and as you've pointed out, there really isn't any perfect baseline. One feature request: for easy use during a draft, would it be possible to put the players’ bye-week info next to the team name? I wasn’t sure if it is mentioned somewhere that I didn’t see. Rookies are likely risker, and I’d expect their risk values (especially their uncertainty risk) to be somewhat higher, as well. The next big step would be to crunch the numbers (multiple regression) to see how each of these variables predicts future performance (based on prior seasons) to derive a scoring algorithm that translates values on these variables into a projection. After that I re rank all players by position and use qb 8 rb 24 (3*8 players) wr 24 and then rank the next 8 rb/wr/te for flex. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Early in the draft, when you’re drafting starters, I’d focus on VOR and floor, also considering ADP Difference, Dropoff, and Risk. Best of all, the app updates the projections automatically for your league with your inputs, and you can download the data for yourself. Seemed to match closely the market prices for both leagues and allowed for studs and scrubs with some good value picks too, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the fantasyfootball community, /r/fantasyfootball - Good For Your Season, Press J to jump to the feed. As discussed in the article, there are many different approaches to determining VOR baseline values. Thank you so much for doing this. I don’t win every year, but I’m consistently among the top teams. Do season projections pulled mid-season take into account actuals (scores from weeks already played)? Thanks. ADP Diff: The difference between ranking and ADP (higher values reflect more under-valued players that are better to target). The Cut List is our baseline guide for who you can drop off your Fantasy rosters to make room for those big waiver-wire adds this week. I've been playing auction FF for a LOT of years... and I (attempted to) read that twice to figure out what the question is. I use a similar approach in my model, but determine weights by using optimization – finding weights for each data source that lead to the smallest difference between historical actuals and that years projections. I’ve been running similar analyses for a number of years but could never find someone else doing this as well. Make an "injury adjusted" set of projections that inputs missed games and then "replacement points" for those games. Is there anyway you could include bye weeks as a data field in the web app? Still thinking about how best to implement, let us know if you have suggestions. Sort of a bummer to be honest, but I know this is a lot of work and I am not upset just disappointed that the product did not work as I had used it earlier in the week for prep. I know it’s not hard to look up, but in the heat of the moment, and especially when comparing players in the later rounds, it can be very helpful to have that piece of info readily available. Pretty amazing stuff here. This comes in handy in later rounds when trying to avoid having a large part of your roster on BYE the same week. Sorry I’m new to this website, but am interested in giving this a try for the remainder of this season and if all goes well, I will definitely consider using next year. You want your starters to have a high floor with low risk. Thanks for the links to the posts, they have been helpful in creating a starting set of variables that I think could work. Also, any chance you have a rookie column or have done any research on rookies? I don’t see how to actually add Other Players Drafted under the Other Players Drafted box in the Line Optimizer App. This will help you in small leagues (10 teams or less), large leagues (14-plus teams) and the more commonly known 12-team formats. Thanks. I also use a flex, and we are moving to adding a superflex. This is a great idea. This post describes a Shiny app that calculates custom fantasy football rankings and projections for your league. Players at all positions are, by design, given a separate row for every position they are projected at. We include players’ upside potential (ceiling) in the output, as defined by the players’ upper bound of their 95% confidence interval of their projected points. VOR: Value Over Typical Replacement Player. We update the data regularly, and will continue to update them through the draft season. Doesn’t allow me to move forward. Keep up the great work! Please check the opt-in box to acknowledge that you would like to subscribe. I was wondering if you had any plans to split the DB position into cornerbacks (CB) and safeties (S). I can only see projections for return TDs: http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/39345/players?status=A&pos=O&cut_type=9&stat1=S_PS_2014&myteam=0&sort=PTS&sdir=1, Hmmm. 2) With minor source code changes, would this app work for weekly projections (or next N weeks)? Finally, always assume that any player you cut will be considered by everyone else in your league. We set the default baseline VOR value as the number of players drafted at each position within the top 100 picks, based on ADP on MyFantasyLeague.com. I play in 3 pretty expensive leagues and interestingly enough they all give 6 points for passing TD’s instead of 4 meaning I expect the QB values to move them up quite a bit higher than other leagues.

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