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I think maybe they should have saved the Nagato or the Prinz, but as for the Yam... Did you think the United States was going to allow a such a powerful (and dangerous) status symbol like Yamato to survive after what the Japanese did to the American Navy at Pearl Harbor? This first appeared in December 2016 and is being reposted due to reader interest. For two hours, the Surface Special Attack Force was subjected to a merciless aerial bombardment. Also not forgetting that Houshou, the world's first purpose design and built carrier was not allowed to be kept as a museum. YAMATO – The Drummers of Japan verbindet traditionelle asiatische Trommelkunst mit den mitreißenden Beats des modernen Japan. American forces had already been alerted to the Ten-Go operation, thanks to cracked Japanese military codes, and two American submarines were waiting to intercept the flotilla. In early 1945, the Imperial Japanese Navy made a difficult decision: it would sacrifice the largest, most powerful battleships ever built to protect Okinawa, the gateway to Japan’s Home Islands. When it was all over, the Surface Special Attack Force had been almost completely destroyed. Rulue, February 8, 2019 in Battleship Era. They were formidable, but could not stand up to enormous amounts of air power. In my home office with a sign on the door, mainly directed to the wife, Dont Bug Me! The Soviet Union might gladly take Yamato and quite possibly upgrade and use her in the Soviet Navy for some time. It would have been just as cruel to sink them, have them then cling to Yamato to live, only for it to later die on Okinawa, assuming the US let her get there. Unfortunately for Yamato and its crew, it was obsolete by the time it was launched in 1941. The final attack on battleship Yamato recorded on xbox360, Battlestations Midway. Yamato’s forward internal magazines detonated in a spectacular fireball. The explosion also reportedly destroyed several American airplanes observing the sinking.

(Remember, the US lost 10 planes and 12 men sinking Yamato out of more than 300 aircraft) There is no logical reason to do this. Essex is 19 feet shorter than Yamato. The Philippines, Solomons, Gilberts and Carolines had all been lost and the enemy was now literally at the gates. Image: Wikimedia, © Copyright 2020 Center for the National Interest All Rights Reserved. And what ships it built. Condemn the Operation itself, not the people it was aimed at. At 0800 hours on April 7, scout planes from Admiral Mitscher’s Fast Carrier Force, or Task Force 58, located Yamato, still only halfway to Okinawa. Guess I need to start reading up.

It was clear that the age of the aircraft carrier had already superseded the battleship, but the insistence of battleship-minded general officers to cling to obsolete military technology undermined Japan’s conduct of the war and sent thousands of Japanese sailors needlessly to their deaths. Links From Related Partner SitesWW2DB article on Okinawa Campaign, See all 222 photos of Okinawa Campaign on WW2DB, Map of the Philippine Sea from Japan to the Carolines, FG-1D Corsairs of Marine Squadron VMF-323 flying over Okinawa, Japan, 1945, Map of major Pacific War engagements, 1942-1945, View of a devastated area on Okinawa, Japan, 1945, Japanese officers Rear Adm. Minoru Ota, Lt. Gen. Mitsuru Ushijima, Lt. Gen. Isamu Cho, Col. Hitoshi Kanayama, Col. Kiuji Hongo, and Col. Hiromichi Yahara, in numbered order, Okinawa, early Feb 1945, Aerial photograph taken during bombing of a Japanese forward submarine base on Okinawa, Japan, Mar 1945, Ships making smoke screen off Iwo Jima per original caption, but appearance of battleship Colorado or Maryland in a photo of this set indicate it might have been Okinawa; circa 1945, photo 1 of 2, Ships making smoke screen off Iwo Jima per original caption, but appearance of battleship Colorado or Maryland in a photo of this set indicate it might have been Okinawa; circa 1945, photo 2 of 2, Vice Admiral Richmond Turner aboard USS Eldorado off Ryukyu Islands, Japan, Mar 1945. Six older battleships from the Gunfire and Covering Support Group, or Task Force 54, under Rear Admiral Morton Deyo, prepared to defend the invasion force, but were pulled away in favor of an air attack. The Japanese Navy was effectively kaput. In that surface engagement did occur the ship would eventually meet a fate like Bismarck did unless a powder magazine gets hit. By All of this firepower was meant to sink enemy battleships—more than one at a time if necessary. The decision sealed the fate of the battleship Yamato and its crew, but ironically did nothing to actually protect the island from Allied invasion. Kyle Mizokami is a defense and national-security writer based in San Francisco who has appeared in the Diplomat, Foreign Policy, War is Boring and the Daily Beast. Sorry the Howling Commandos had to use their PTO days or lose them. The entire operation would have seen the ship beached and fight till she was destroyed. Do you board a ship with over 2000 sailors on board? If even Mikasa and Houshou wasnt spared some rough treatment what you will happen to Yamato?

Yamato took two hits during this attack, two bombs and one torpedo, and air attacks claimed two escorting destroyers. At 14:23, it happened. Pretty sure the California was Pacific Fleet flagship until the Pearl Harbor attack, not Arizona. Don't forget, Yamato was (and still is) a huge symbol of national price for that country. Key point: This class of battleship was the largest ever made. From August 42 to May 43 it spent a grand total of 1 day outside Truk's lagoon. Sinking the Yamato put that worthless hunk of wasted steel and black hole of an already limited oil supply straight to the seabed where it could finally be useful as an artificial reef. Despite counterflooding, the ship continued to list, and once it reached thirty five degrees the order was given to abandon ship. Can anybody condemn the sinking of Yamato? Before USN forces could capture the ship. Aboard Yamato, the listing eventually grew to more than twenty degrees, and the captain made the difficult decision to flood the starboard outer engine room, drowning three hundred men at their stations, in an attempt to trim out the ship. Operation Ten-Go never should have happened. Later, a navigation officer on one of Japan’s surviving destroyers calculated that the “pillar of fire reached a height of 2,000 meters, that the mushroom-shaped cloud rose to a height of 6,000 meters.” The flash from the explosion that was Yamato’s death knell was seen as far away as Kagoshima on the Japanese mainland. She was? Blame the Japanese Navy for knowingly sending her to her death. They should capture or ignore her rather than sinking her during the battle. Sinking of Yamato (April 7, 1945) With the battle for Okinawa raging full force, it was decided to send super battleship Yamato on a suicide mission to the island.


Let alone in a war when she is coming towards you to kill you? Yeah, the US was never going to do that. The ability of fast aircraft carriers to engage enemy ships at the range of their embarked dive and torpedo bombers meant a carrier could attack a battleship at ranges of two hundred miles or more, long before it entered the range of a battleship’s guns.

The Navy had a schedule to keep, after all. She didn't even make it close to Okinawa. In Verbindung mit den farbenprächtigen Kostümen und Effekten wird daraus ein atemberaubendes Fest für alle Sinne.

Built in 1937 at the Kure Naval Arsenal near Hiroshima, it was constructed in secrecy to avoid alarming the United States. The island was just 160 miles from the the mainland city of Kagoshima, coincidentally the birthplace of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Attacked in waves, Yamato could do little but absorb the punishment inflicted by at least five 1,000 lb bombs and ten torpedoes. As the Yamato is the prestigious and largest warship in WW2, the US Navy should NOT sink her but the Yahagi and all escorting IJN DDs. This is a Yamato class Japanese battleship sinking after i put 13 torpedoes into her hull in Silent Hunter 4.
Essentially her orders were "Beach yourself on Okinawa and kill things until they kill you", and she still failed. Japan had recently withdrawn from the Washington Naval Treaty, which limited battleship tonnages, and was free to build them as large as it wanted. The Sub that spotted them even broadcast on a standard open radio channel in plain English who they were, where they were, and where they were going, what speed, etc.. 3: The Japanese throughout the entire war chose death over surrender. The Yamato is an excellent example of the air of superiority the Japanese felt during WW2. It was a needless waste of men and materials with no conditions for victory.

The Yamato is an excellent example of the air of superiority the Japanese felt during WW2. Midway is nearly 100 feet longer than Yamato. The 'ultimate revenge' for Peral Harbor had happened by then, first when all the carriers used in the attack were sunk and then when the battleships damaged there participated in Surigao Strait.
well then again that is true but well I saw it that way because Arizona was the flagship of the Pacific Fleet when she sank and Yamato was flagship of the Combine Fleet. [CDATA[// >

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